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10 Tips For Safe Spring Driving

Once the weather warms up and the dangers of ice and snow are a distant memory, if you’re like most drivers, you think you can drop your vigilance when it comes to road hazards. In reality, it seems Spring introduces a broad range of safety concerns.

A recent Carwise article highlighted 10 potential spring driving safety threats. One we never considered? “Drivers with seasonal allergies driving drowsy from medications”!

While drowsy driving, running animals, bicyclists, and safely driving through all weather and road conditions are challenges in the Spring, driving too fast and getting speeding tickets does not have to be. At K40, we have the quietest and most advanced police radar detectors and laser jammers you need to drive fast, safe, and ticket-free.

Best Radar Detector & Laser Jammers

Our products are available portable or built-in for your convenience. Enjoy driving fast this Spring with added peace of mind. K40 radar detectors and laser jammers are backed by a 100% ticket-free guarantee, 100% quality guarantee, and 100% theft guarantee. Get a ticket during the first year, we pay for it!


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