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Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

K40 gets this question every day. There is quite a bit of confusion regarding the legality of radar detectors. Our goal is to answer the most common misconceptions and allow you to drive with confidence.

Here are all the facts regarding who can use a radar detector and where:

Under federal law, the use of…Read more

Fuzzbuster, Snooper, K40… Oh My!

Let’s start at the beginning. In the early 1950’s, police began using a Doppler effect radar system to catch speeders. The very first band used was S-band (2.445 GHz). This device allowed police officers to detect a vehicle’s speed with relative accuracy without the driver’s knowledge. It was a revenue revolution.

The cat had been…Read more

K40 Vortex Reviews

Vortex Radar RL360di Radar Detector Review

Vortex is a radar detector enthusiast who spends a lot of time learning, testing products, making videos, reviews, and product recommendations.  Vortex comes with passion for countermeasures and an engineering background. Vortex has a lot of opinions about K40’s products and services.

In this blog, we will highlight the…Read more

How Many Laser Jammers Do I Need?

That’s a great question, one that we answer many times a day here at K40.  You see, there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to laser jamming. This is why K40 offers Laser Defuser ™ products a-la-carte so that you and your installing retailer can customize the perfect laser jamming speeding ticket protection for your vehicle.

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K40’s Rachel Clark Interviews with Into Tomorrow

The 12 Volt aftermarket industry is comprised of mostly independent retail locations, owned by men and women who have a passion for upgrading and updating vehicles.  From car audio, CarPlay™ add-ons, to back-up cameras, and yes, even custom installed radar detector and laser jammers , these retailers get together a few times a year at the industry’s premier learning and networking…Read more

Five Tips for a Fabulously Fun Road Trip

1.    Destination: The Journey IS the Reward 2.    Ride with A Road Warrior 3.    Choose the Road Less Traveled 4.    Pack the Miscellaneous and Unusual 5.    If You Plan for Lemons, You’ll Drink Lemonade

With winter behind us, and all the “cool cars” out of hibernation, driving season has finally arrived.

It’s our favorite time of year, and as…Read more

First Ride in the Porsche Taycan

Truth be told, it wasn’t us in either seat of the late 2019 availability Porsche Taycan (pronounced TIE CON). But supposedly, this is the first passenger ride video to surface showing how this EV (Porsche’s first production electric vehicle) handles.

We enjoyed watching 600HP delivered by an all-wheel twin motor drive drift around a secret…Read more

Save Time & Money Spring Cleaning Your Car

Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC is a YouTube star (nearly 1 million channel subscribers) when it comes to vehicle cleaning and detailing. Some of his processes take an entire day and the cost of the equipment, tools, and cleaners is significant. So when he released a  step-by-step video on how to save time and money when Spring…Read more

10 Tips For Safe Spring Driving

Once the weather warms up and the dangers of ice and snow are a distant memory, if you’re like most drivers, you think you can drop your vigilance when it comes to road hazards. In reality, it seems Spring introduces a broad range of safety concerns.

A recent Carwise article highlighted 10 potential spring driving safety threats….Read more

K40 Electronics Announces New Translucent Arrow Design Integration Option

Built-in radar and laser systems display police alerts with arrow indicators in rear view mirror

March 12, 2019, Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics, a premier police radar and laser technology manufacturer announced today its built-in radar and laser systems offer a new translucent alert arrow display with the K40 Radar-Mirror integration option.

Factory…Read more