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K40 Electronics Announces Canada Representation Partnership with Graham Advantage Group Inc

Sales, product, & distribution pro heads up firm specializing in growing Canadian independent mobile electronics retailers’ businesses

February 14, 2019, Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics , a premier manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance police radar/laser detector systems, announced today the appointment of The Graham Advantage Group, Inc. of Alberta as its manufacturers’ representative in the Alberta and…Read more

K40 Electronics Offers Training, Product Demos, & ‘Something Special’ at KnowledgeFest Long Beach

Raising radar/laser category awareness & highlighting benefits of partnering with K40 are top priority 

January 21, 2019 Elgin, IL – K40 Electronics announced today the key objectives for its product category training sessions and booth presentations at KnowledgeFest Long Beach, February 23-25, at the Long Beach Convention Center, are to raise awareness of the…Read more

UV Coated, Heated Windshields, and Portable Radar Detectors: What To Know

To increase passenger comfort, many vehicle manufacturers utilize UV coated windshields to reduce heat buildup in the vehicle cabin. Often referred to as Low-E glass, infrared-reflective, solar glass, or athermic windshields, UV coated windshields have an almost transparent layer of metal film in the glass.

For drivers without factory installed UV coated windshields, metallic window…Read more

Autonomous Vehicles and K40 Laser Defusers: What You Need To Know

We were recently asked by a K40 dealer if LIDAR (Light Detecting And Ranging) technology use in autonomous (self-driving) vehicles might cause our Laser Defuser™ laser jammer products to give false alerts.

K40 has not received a single report of vehicles with LIDAR-based autonomous capabilities causing a false alert or any performance issues with our Laser Defusers.

That said, we…Read more

Radar Detectors Make Safer Drivers

It seems like not a day goes by that you don’t read, hear about, or personally experience the relatively new driving scourge term known as “distracted driving” Based on a formal definition of the term:

“distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people…Read more

Where The Fastest Drivers Live

Is your city on the America’s Fastest Drivers list? Here’s the top 25 from fastest to slowest:

1. Wichita, KS

2. Omaha, NE

3. Boise, ID

4. Portland, OR

5. Richmond, VA

6. Columbia, SC

7. Salt Lake City, UT

8. Minneapolis, MN

9. Charleston, SC

10. Virginia Beach, VA

11. Greenville, SC

12. Charlotte,…Read more

Eric Peters Autos K40 RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector Review

Widely published automotive journalist Eric Peters was curious how K40 Electronics’ RLS2 portable radar detector would stack up to his beloved Valentine 1 unit as well as if the RLS2 suffered from annoying false warnings from other vehicles’ radar-based safety features like collision avoidance. Read the review to find out why Eric says, “the K40 is very sensitive – and…Read more

The Surprising Best-Selling Vehicle

There’s an unfortunate misconception by many drivers that they don’t need a radar detector because they don’t speed or their vehicle isn’t fast. With 41 million speeding tickets issued annually costing U.S. drivers over $6.2 billion in fines (which doesn’t include insurance premium increases!), many of these tickets are received by self-described safe drivers in…Read more

New Jersey Counties Speeding Ticket Ranking

In 2017, 176,060 speeding tickets were issued in New Jersey. 147,996 of them were handed out on non-toll roads throughout the state while 28,064 speeding tickets were written by state police on the Garden State’s three toll roads.

How does your county rank in the number of tickets issued? Read the entire NJ.com article  to find out…Read more

K40 Consult with K40 RLS2 Radar Detector

Check out this entertaining (yes, she really does throw away a competitor brand radar detector!) yet informative video from Shocker Racing on how the free K40 Consult helped them set up their RLS2 Radar/Laser Detector and kept James and his wife free from speeding tickets during their 3,000 mile road trip.