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K40 Rob MillerRob Miller – JML Audio of St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

“Thank you for staying true to the specialist and not just chasing dollar signs.  You have a wonderful staff there, always friendly and helpful.  I have to give JJ his dues as well.  He is one of the few reps I have ever had that I don’t only hear from in the form of a dreaded call at the end of the month looking for an order.  He has worked hard to help continue our radar business’s growth and get us where we are with K40 today.  He is always there to help and has all of our best interests in mind.”


imageedit_2_3887916937Marty Dean – Soundz Plus Inc., Warrenville, IL

“For those of you who already know – and for some on the fence – take a closer look at your radar partners.  I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank K40 Electronics for their hard work, dedication, friendship, and willingness to go above and beyond for their dealers.  This type of partnership is far too overlooked in our industry.”


imageedit_5_5892990898Joe Chabuel – Extreme Mobile Sounds, Fair Lawn, NJ

“The support and service I receive from K40 are simply amazing…it’s more like dealing with a trusted family member than a vendor.  In fact, there is no other company like them in the mobile electronics industry.  There is never an issue with them…from ordering to product knowledge to technical support, they are simply the best.  They aren’t about selling boxes; they’re about working hard to make me successful.”


imageedit_7_2069036737Jason Kranitz – Kingpin Car & Marine Audio, Wilsonville, OR
Mobile Electronics Magazine Retailer of the Year
Mobile Electronics Magazine Installer of the Year

“K40 is superior to any other industry vendor in the three P’s:  Product, People, and Profit.  The product works fantastically, the people treat you like a human being and not a sales quota, and high profitability is assured as they don’t sell direct and funnel customers back to us.”


K40 John Schwartz

John Schwartz – Perfectionist Auto Sound, Anchorage, AK
Mobile Electronics Magazine Retailer of the Year

“I’ve partnered with K40 Because they have integrity like no other company, and they align with my values.  The entire staff is dedicated to my success…even returning calls after their business hours.”




Brandon Masidonski – Smokey’s Dyno & Performance,  Akron, OH

“In my 14 years of mobile electronics and performance tuning experience, I’ve never enjoyed the level of service and support K40 offers.  They back their products with action, not words, and to say they bend over backward to satisfy us or our customers would be a huge understatement.  While many companies just offer products, K40 offers us difference-making service on top of great profit-making products.”


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