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First Ride in the Porsche Taycan

Truth be told, it wasn’t us in either seat of the late 2019 availability Porsche Taycan (pronounced TIE CON). But supposedly, this is the first passenger ride video to surface showing how this EV (Porsche’s first production electric vehicle) handles.

We enjoyed watching 600HP delivered by an all-wheel twin motor drive drift around a secret and snowy test track in Sweden while various technologies are discussed. Pardon the pun, but thermal management of the power cells is cool.

Best Radar Detector & Laser Jammer

In the end, we’re pleased Porsche is continuing to evolve their vehicle offerings and putting into production their first electric vehicle. After all, it’s the automotive brand that has the most registered built-in K40 radar detector and laser jammer systems. These machines were built to be driven…and as fellow driving enthusiasts, we’re happy to ensure Porsche (and other vehicle brand) owners’ driving confidence with the industry’s first and most comprehensive ticket-free guarantee.

What are your thoughts? Love the new styling and tech of the Taycan? Going to add one to your stable of vehicles? Let us know in the comments below.




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