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I have a difficult time understanding humility.
I practice it. I “teach” it. I preach it. But the truth is, I feel proud, and from that place of pride, I want to shout from the rooftops, “Look at us! Look at us!” This desire is extra strong this morning.

What a privilege to work with such empowered, dilligent, bright and creative souls. There is no fear, no hopelessness, no anger or resentment inside these walls we call K40. Instead, there is love, creativity, enthusiasm, and dare I say it, pride!

I am not the only one who notices the power of this vortex. Visitors sense it immediately. Our regular visitors, UPS, Fed Ex, US Postal Service, our local handyman and maintenance service reps often pop in just to say, “Hi”… usually followed by several minutes of lingering and re-energizing. They often comment on what an amazing company we are. I agree.

Yesterday, Paul Pirro from Tint World in Florida surprised us with an improptu visit. “You have a great place here . You’re like family…the good kind.” Thank you for noticing, Paul.

This whole relaxed, safe, accepting environment is no accident, no luck of the draw. It’s intentional. We work at it. We practice leaving fear and ego and the ’need to be right’ in the dust of its nothingness, and move in the direction of Truth and peace. How? Why? What does that get you? Everything.

So this morning as I am greeted with joy, smiles, and high fives, I am grateful for this place where every encounter is a Holy Encounter, and every person we speak to will be in a better place for having spoken with us. And I am humbly proud!


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