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K40 Electronics 2010 Corporate Partner of the Year

K40 Electronics is honored as the 2011/2010 Corporate Partner of the Year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township

Each year, a portion of our sales and an even larger portion of our time is donated to numerous local and national charities. We hold a meeting each year with our employees to determine our “giving strategy” for the upcoming year. As you can imagine, this is an inspiring meeting.

A number of years ago, we became aware of our local Boys & Girls Club. We recognized the incredible work that a small group of people are accomplishing, as well as the amazing impact they are having on whole communities of families and children. And we wanted in on it!  Through board membership, committee involvement, fundraising events, and volunteering with the kids, we became even more committed to making a difference in the lives of children.

With every purchase of a K40 product, you are helping to provide a safe place for kids to go after school as well as progams, food, and activities that would otherwise not be available to some of the disadvantaged youths our clubs serve.

For that, we acknowledge and thank you. It’s important for you to know that you are a big part of the partnership. We accept this honor and recognition on behalf of every employee and customer who are part of the K40 family.



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