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K40 Platinum Series – All-New LNA Radar Receivers

All-New LNA Radar Receivers in the new K40 Platinum Series

More Performance

K40’s LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receivers are the latest in countermeasure technology for long-range detection of police radar guns. LNA technology boosts the radar signal and sensitivity giving you increased range and performance. You get quicker alerts and more time to slow down, giving you the confidence that your radar detector is going to “find them…before they fine you”.

Designed With Your Car In Mind

Today’s vehicles are designed to maximize technology with little wasted space.  These new receivers are completely redesigned, inside and out. Cosmetically, the receivers have a slimmer, narrower flat-top design allowing for more creativity and ease of installation. And internally, the receivers are packed with tech that will give you more features and driving freedom.

Additional Features

Not only do the Platinum Series K40 receivers improve range and performance, but we’ve also engineered these systems with more selectivity and filtration options (more on those another day). These receivers also give your Platinum Series system immunity to RDD’s, or Radar Detector Detectors. The police won’t even know that you are driving with a K40 radar detection system. This feature is great if you’re driving through Washington D.C., Virginia, or parts of Canada where the use of radar detectors is restricted.


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