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More Selectivity…More Filtration…Means MORE focus on real radar threats.

K40’s latest technology gives you two options to customize Ka-Band alerts with Ka-Band Selectivity and Ka-Band Filter. These new features give you more filtration and less non-police radar alerts.

Ka-Band Selectivity – Control the segments of Ka-Band radar you want to be alerted to.

  • Ka-Wide Setting: The Ka-Wide setting scans the entire range of the Ka-Band frequencies so that you are alerted to all Ka-band signals that you may encounter.  This is the maximum sensitivity and the default setting of the Platinum Series.
  • Ka-Narrow Setting: The Ka-Narrow setting scans only those Ka-Band frequencies (plus a little above and below) that are used by Police radar guns. By selecting Ka-Narrow, the system is quieter and less susceptible to non-police alerts. Also, because Ka-Narrow is scanning a smaller frequency range, you may see a faster response time when using this setting.

The chart below shows the following:

  • Three most common Police Ka-Band radar guns used today.
  • Ka-Band Wide frequency scanning range.
  • Ka-Band Narrow frequency scanning range.

K40 Electronics|-More Selectivity...More Filtration...Means MORE focus on real radar threats.


Ka-Band Filter – Another layer of filtration you can enable to reduce false alerts.

Ka-Band Filter enables filtration of Ka-Band non-police radar signals, such as other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands.  The Ka-Band Filter does not affect the police radar detection range.

Today’s driving environments and vehicles are making filtration top of mind for drivers wanting to use a radar detector.  K40 has engineered these new features so that you can experience a reliable speeding protection product that keeps you ticket-free while keeping the system focused on the real threats…not the false alerts.


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