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Platinum100 Firmware Update Procedure

If you need assistance with the update procedure, we are available 24/7 at 800-323-5608.

The update requires:

USB Male to USB Mini Data Cable – Available on  Amazon

PC Windows10 or Higher

  • Download and install: K40 Dash FW Update Tool v1.02
  • After downloading and installing the firmware update tool, you will have a K40 shortcut on your desktop.
  • Download and extract the firmware version .bin file and save it to your desktop.
  • Open the “K40 Dash FW Update Tool.”










  • Plug the USB Male end of the cable into your computer, plug the USB Mini end into your Platinum100.
  • The FW Update Tool will acknowledge a connection with your Platinum100 by displaying “Device detected!” in the upper left-hand quadrant of the screen, and your current firmware version will be shown in the “Product FW Version” window below.










  • Click “Open” in the upper right-hand quadrant of the screen.
  • Double click on the .bin file you saved to your desktop. This will insert the .bin file into the updater.











  • Click “Start FW Update” in the lower right-hand quadrant of the screen. Let the Platinum100 update. When complete, a pop-up will appear that says “Update completed!”
  • Click “OK.”










  • You can now see the updated Firmware Version on the left-hand quadrant of the screen.
  • The update is now complete, you can unplug the data cable, and begin using your newly updated Platinum100.



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