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K40’s Philosophy: See a Need…Fill a Need

K40 community givingK40 Electronics, a proud seven-year supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township, donated audio/visual equipment including cameras, laptops, lenses, microphones and more in a presentation to the members held on May 8, 2014, at the Paul Knox Teen Center. A call for new afterschool activities for the youth arose, and K40 Electronics teamed with Boys & Girls Club Teen Center Unit Director Mark Lee to answer it.

Lee recognized a need to create a program that would serve as an outlet for the teens’ collective talents and interests as well as entice them to attend the center. The Teen Center provides a safe haven where the teens can learn valuable skills and enjoy the company of other members in a secure environment. One of the members deejays locally, a few sing and dance, and many are interested in technology and music in general.

“If there was one thing that the kids were drawn to day-in and day-out, it was entertainment and the performing arts,” said Lee. “I thought the best way to keep them motivated was to stay on a course that they were already passionate about.”

Having this knowledge and a desire for the youth to succeed, Lee approached K40 with an idea. The idea was fleshed out, the equipment was purchased and the presentation sparked the imaginations of the Club attendees.

Lee and K40’s Bradley Teliszczak met the morning of the presentation to set up, charge, and test all of the gear for the teens’ afternoon arrival. As members arrived at the Club, the entire K40 team was present and eager to surprise them with the state-of-the-art equipment and Lee’s new program idea.

“It was great to see their excitement and how interested they all were in getting some projects started,” said Teliszczak.

Perhaps the most touching moment came when Lee asked the members if they had any projects in mind that they would like to pursue with the equipment. The first response came from a bashful voice in the crowd stating, “I want to sing and record my own video.”

This gear serves as a catalyst for the members’ budding creativity, and K40 could not have been happier to help these amazing members develop their skills with the equipment and further their plans for the future. The equipment will be utilized for a wide range of applications: from filming educational tutorials to recording members’ own music videos. Lee hopes that the audio/visual program’s success will prompt the Boys & Girls Club of America to roll it out to clubs nationwide.


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