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Two Weeks Of Hooky

This morning I woke up to blue skies and sunshine streaming through my windows; a sharp contrast from the previous five days of cold and rain. Today looks like the setting from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: a perfect day to play hooky from the office and get in a round of 18 holes – if only I enjoyed golf.

Stepping outside I thought about the many times in my life when I wished that perfect days like this could be spent grabbing the kids and heading to an impromptu Cubs game or pack a picnic of jelly sandwiches and goldfish crackers and head to the park. Instead I was held to the confines of a windowless office and the responsibilities of adulthood.

As I headed to K40 Electronics, I thought about my company’s two-week vacation policy. It’s pretty standard by today’s industry, yet on this gorgeous Wednesday afternoon I wanted more for my employees.

By 10:00 a.m. I had held an impromptu company meeting and declared my summer gift to them. Effective immediately, they would each be given 10 additional paid vacation days to be used May – September… Two days each month (non-consecutive) anyone could call in and declare, “It’s too gorgeous outside. I’m taking my son to the lake.”

After the meeting, two of my staff declared they wanted to leave for the rest of the day thus invoking my vacation policy addendum without wasting any time. As they headed out the door, I noticed they threw on their “Boys and Girls Club” t-shirts. For the first two hours of their paid day off, they spent their time asking local businesses for donations on behalf of our favorite charity.

If you had two paid days off a month at your disposal how would you use them?


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