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At K40 Electronics, we do partnerships differently.

K40 Electronics Radar Installation on a BMW M4

Since 1983, K40 has exclusively supported independent retailers and car dealerships by getting to know them personally, understanding their goals, knowing their customer base, knowing what products will work for them, and following a sales process that historically leads to success.

It’s different from most partnerships you’ve experienced. It works.

Our team works closely with you and your staff before you even receive our products to ensure that your team are experts at selling the radar and laser category. In addition, we work for you after the sale by calling your client on your behalf to answer any questions they may have.

K40 is a non-commissioned company. So what does that mean to you? First, it means you get to experience what it’s like to have a trusted partner who is genuinely interested in your business’s success. Second, your K40 partner will never call or pressure you for an order.

See our sales process below and learn more about how our unique strategies set you up for success when you partner with K40 Electronics.