Become a K40 Partner

At K40 Electronics, we do partnerships differently.

What would it be like to have a trusted partner who is genuinely interested in your business’s success, an expert team that has your back? We get to know you, your goals and your customers to set you up for success.

The Process

It’s different from most partnerships you’ve experienced. It works.

Our team works closely with you and your staff before you even receive our products to ensure that your team are experts at selling the radar and laser category. In addition, we work for you after the sale by calling your client on your behalf to answer any questions they may have.

K40 is a non-commissioned company. So what does that mean to you? First, it means you get to experience what it’s like to have a trusted partner who is genuinely interested in your business’s success. Second, your K40 partner will never call or pressure you for an order.

One-On-One Product Training
You'll learn all there is to know about presenting the radar and laser category and the specific features and benefits of K40 products, which will increase your confidence and your closing ratios!
No minimums. K40 is interested in helping you decide what products will work best for your area, clientele, and store. From top-of-the-line custom-installed radar and laser systems to cash and carry portables. Stock as much or as little as you want after your initial order.
You're never alone when doing a K40 installation. You have access to technical support 24/7. A Dealers Only Facebook group where K40 dealers often share tech and sales tips. A Dealers Only section at, where you have access to a digital marketing suite, Tech Tips, wiring diagrams, and product specifications.
Sales Support
If you're not a radar and laser expert but still want to close the sale, we're here! We complement your sales team by offering sales support whenever it's needed.
Technical Support
A K40 technician will assist with any vehicle if you need technical support. From Pagani to Passat, we can help installers find the best locations for components and power sources, saving your store time and money!
Product Registration
Call us when the installation is complete to register the products for your customer and their vehicle to activate their product and Ticket-Free guarantees.
Personal Configuration
After your client's products are registered, your K40 rep will personally call each customer and thank them on your behalf, let them know that their guarantees are in effect, and offer to go over every setting of their K40 system, dialing it in for their preferences and driving environment.
End User Support
Each registered customer will receive a welcome letter from K40 and a K40 Consult contact card so they can reach out directly to K40 if they have any questions about driving with the products.

What our Partners have to say…

Smokey’s Dyno & Performance,  Akron, OH

k40 brandon masidonski

“In my 14 years of mobile electronics and performance tuning experience, I’ve never enjoyed the level of service and support K40 offers.  They back their products with action, not words, and to say they bend over backward to satisfy us or our customers would be a huge understatement.  While many companies just offer products, K40 offers us difference-making service on top of great profit-making products.”

Brandon Masidonski

Smokey's Dyno & Performance,  Akron, OH

Longtime Partner

Justin is amazing, a great sales rep and advisor, an awesome company, and fantastic products;, keep it up, K40 Electronics!

Jeff Carmona

Acoustic Car Audio

Extreme Mobile Sounds, Fair Lawn, NJ

K40 Dealer Joe Chabuel

“The support and service I receive from K40 are simply amazing…it’s more like dealing with a trusted family member than a vendor.  In fact, there is no other company like them in the mobile electronics industry.  There is never an issue with them…from ordering to product knowledge to technical support, they are simply the best.  They aren’t about selling boxes; they’re about working hard to make me successful.”

Joe Chabuel

Extreme Mobile Sounds, Fair Lawn, NJ

Brad’s Car Tunes, Eugene, OR

“It’s easy to sell K40’s Platinum100 if you are a daily user. I like everything about this radar detector, especially the ability to customize settings like the display colors and the addition of the Silent Wake-Up option. I can confidently recommend the Platinum100 to my customers because I believe in the quality K40 offers. The well designed packaging is also very helpful when explaining features and benefits to my customers. And thanks for including two power cords with each Platinum100. That is definitely a bonus!” – Edgar General Manager at Brad’s Car Tunes in Eugene, OR

Edgar Baltazar

Brad's Car Tunes, Eugene, OR

The Finishing Touch, Chester, NJ

“I have personally worked with K40 for about 10 years and I cannot stress enough how amazing their team is. I own a mom & pop shop but I am treated as if I purchase millions of dollars of their products annually! Unlike other radar companies, they are truly my business partners and provide the tools to assure every K40 sale and installation go without a hitch. Their expertise is bar none and I look forward to continuing my K40 relationship especially with Lisa who exceeds expectations!”

Lauren Wagner

The Finishing Touch, Chester, NJ

JML Audio of St. Louis

K40 Rob Miller

“Thank you for staying true to the specialist and not just chasing dollar signs. You have a wonderful staff there, always friendly and helpful. I have to give JJ his dues as well. He is one of the few reps I have ever had that I don’t only hear from in the form of a dreaded call at the end of the month looking for an order. He has worked hard to help continue our radar business’s growth and get us where we are with K40 today.  He is always there to help and has all of our best interests in mind.”

Rob Miller

JML Audio of St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Soundz Plus Inc., Warrenville, IL

K40 dealer Marty Deane

“For those of you who already know – and for some on the fence – take a closer look at your radar partners.  I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank K40 Electronics for their hard work, dedication, friendship, and willingness to go above and beyond for their dealers.  This type of partnership is far too overlooked in our industry.”

Marty Dean

Soundz Plus Inc., Warrenville, IL

Perfectionist Auto Sound, Anchorage, AK

K40 John Schwartz

Mobile Electronics Magazine Retailer of the Year

“I’ve partnered with K40 Because they have integrity like no other company, and they align with my values.  The entire staff is dedicated to my success…even returning calls after their business hours.”

John Schwartz

Perfectionist Auto Sound, Anchorage, AK

Kingpin Car & Marine Audio, Wilsonville, OR

K40 dealer Jason Kranitz

Mobile Electronics Magazine Retailer of the Year
Mobile Electronics Magazine Installer of the Year

“K40 is superior to any other industry vendor in the three P’s:  Product, People, and Profit.  The product works fantastically, the people treat you like a human being and not a sales quota, and high profitability is assured as they don’t sell direct and funnel customers back to us.”

Jason Kranitz

Kingpin Car & Marine Audio, Wilsonville, OR