Platinum100 – Portable Radar and Laser Detector

K40 Platinum100 Long Range Portable Radar Detector

Platinum Performance With Optional Remote Control and Laser Defuser Confidence.

K40 Platinum100 Portable Radar Detector

K40 takes your safety seriously.

For the first time, you can control your portable radar and laser detector with a convenient handheld remote control or professionally installed expert controller. This innovation allows you to customize and control your radar detector while keeping your eyes on the road.

K40’s Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector is also ready to connect to your professionally installed Laser Defusers, giving you the confidence of proper protection from laser speeding tickets and audible and visual alerts through your Platinum100. Hence, you know exactly when you are being targeted by and jamming police laser.

Features designed with you and your vehicle in mind.

The Platinum100 gives you the ultimate portable speeding ticket protection and puts you in control of where and when you hear police radar and laser alerts. With K40, you’re ready to drive right out of the box. Give us a call at 800-323-5608, and we will explain it all.

  • Optional Wireless or Hardwired Remote Control

  • LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) Radar Receiver Technology for greater range and sensitivity.

  • GPS Features such as Mark to Mute, Mark to Alert, Speed Monitor, Quiet Ride and more.
  • Advanced Filtering – Makes it the quietest, most dependable radar and laser detector available today.

  • Radar Band Selectivity – Choose specific band frequency ranges that you wish to be alerted to.

  • Optional K40 Laser Defuser® Protection – Become invisible to police laser guns.


Find the system that is perfect for you and the way you drive!


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Real Stories From K40 Customers

James Scott Hayward – RLS2

This is a warranty replacement unit. I appreciate your commitment to customer service…you guys are awesome!

James H.

Amarillo, TX

Adrian Rodriguez – RLS2

Great device…I love it!

Adrian R.

San Antonio, TX

Peter Mitchell – RL360di and Laser Defuser

Radar Russ is the BEST! Car #5 with a K40 radar detector!

Peter M.

Yorba Linda, CA

Nahum Hickman – Laser Defuser

Great product!

Nahum H.

South Holland, IL

Dom M. RL360i

Every mile I drive in my Porsche is more enjoyable thanks to the K40 radar/laser system. I’ve been warned several times of speed traps in the first two months of it being installed.

Dom M.

Automotive Journalist, New Jersey

Chuck C. – RD950 vs RD850

Just tested my brand new RD950 vs my older RD850. The 950 didn’t false in the 60 mile Interstate 95 test run from North Jacksonville to Georgia. The 850 false alerted 3 times. Later, the 950 went off and the 850 didn’t. A quarter mile further the 950 went off again on Ka band. Still nothing on the 850. A half mile later the 950 is going berserk and the 850 finally comes to life. A mile later I run through the RADAR speed trap at 70mph (the speed limit). I could have slowed down from 90mph with the 850 in time but the extra 30 seconds warning from the 950 was fantastic! What an awesome detector! I’m going to have to get used to how much farther away this detector alerts me. I was going to give the 850 to my wife, but after today I am going to have to get her a 950 as well! Thanks for an amazing product and a special thanks to my K40 consultant Brian for talking me through the purchase.

Chuck C.

Jacksonville, FL


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Drive safe. Drive Protected. Drive with K40.

You’re never alone when you drive with K40. Our professional consultants can assist you at 1-800-323-5608. Our products and services are second to none.

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