Platinum200 – Single Receiver Protection

K40 Platinum200 Single Receiver Radar Detector

The Latest Technology for Long Range Protection

The redesigned Platinum200 gives you more customizable options than ever for your vehicle and unique driving style.

Why choose the K40 Platinum200 Radar Detection System?

  • LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) Radar Receiver Technology for greater range and sensitivity.

  • Your safety is the first thing we engineer into our products: K40 puts control right at your fingertips, right where you want it.

  • Expert Custom Installation that retains the original factory appearance of your vehicle’s interior.

  • Full customizable GPS technology features such as Mark to Mute, Mark to Alert, Speed Monitor, Quiet Ride and more.

  • Integration-Ready. The Platinum200 can integrate with select radios to provide a visual and touch-on-screen experience.

  • Add-On K40 Laser Defuser® Protection – Become invisible to police laser guns.


Find the system that is perfect for you and the way you drive!


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Integration Ready

The Platinum200 can integrate with select radios to provide a visual and touch on-screen experience.

Real Stories From K40 Customers

22 years old….and still saving us!

“Twenty-two years ago, this past October, I took delivery of a new Jeep I ordered for my wife as a retirement gift. Before she saw it, I had purchased one of your K40 units to mount under the grill and give her inside controls of a radar detector for her lead foot problem in her new, very quick, and torture Jeep. Here it is coming up on 23 years, and we still have that Jeep, and that dang K40 still saves us $$ like it did just yesterday for her—good job on these. I never in my wildest dreams thought the radar detector would last like it has but whatever you are doing? Keep doing it because you’re doing it well. “



Steve R.

Bartlesville, OK

Great Install!

Kevin at Anything Auto did an amazing install – very professional!

Jammie M.

Hagerman, ID

Great Recommendation

I purchased a dual Defuser g5 kit with the intention of installing it myself with my UN2000 radar system I already had.  I talked to Brian about install questions and he convinced me to upgrade to the newest model and recommended Robin for the install.  Great advice!!!! Thanks Brian…Also Robin and his helper (son) Rashad were great to work with and did a fantastic job on the install.

Lenny S.

Jacksonville, FL

Patrick Dowling – 4 miles before I saw a state patrol

This is my second K40 radar detector. The first one I purchased in 2001 saved me from a ticket the very first day. I thought it was defective because it alerted me 4 miles before I saw a state patrol. This convinced me how well this product works! It has saved me countless tickets since then. Thanks for making a superior product.

Patrick Dowling

Joe Mills – The Steele Shop

Joe Mills at The Steele Shop has been a friend for many years and I just want to express his exceptional quality of work.

C. Welch
Flower Mound, TX

C. Welch


Chuck C. – RD950 vs RD850

Just tested my brand new RD950 vs my older RD850. The 950 didn’t false in the 60 mile Interstate 95 test run from North Jacksonville to Georgia. The 850 false alerted 3 times. Later, the 950 went off and the 850 didn’t. A quarter mile further the 950 went off again on Ka band. Still nothing on the 850. A half mile later the 950 is going berserk and the 850 finally comes to life. A mile later I run through the RADAR speed trap at 70mph (the speed limit). I could have slowed down from 90mph with the 850 in time but the extra 30 seconds warning from the 950 was fantastic! What an awesome detector! I’m going to have to get used to how much farther away this detector alerts me. I was going to give the 850 to my wife, but after today I am going to have to get her a 950 as well! Thanks for an amazing product and a special thanks to my K40 consultant Brian for talking me through the purchase.

Chuck C.

Jacksonville, FL


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The K40 Plantinum200 Guarantee

Get a ticket during the first year of ownership, and we will pay for it. We started offering this guarantee in 1983 and still stand by it today!

Subject to terms and conditions.

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