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The K40 Consult

Call for your K40 Consult now: 800.323.5608

How do you typically drive? Where do you typically drive? Does anyone else in the family drive your vehicle? Do you prefer audio alerts, visual alerts, or both?

These questions and more are all part of your K40 Consult, a one-on-one conversation with a senior K40 engineer to custom configure your system for how you drive. This consultation determines proper settings for hundreds of customizable options, critical information that is relayed to your Master Craftsman before installation.

The result is a radar and laser ticket protection system optimally tuned for how you drive.


I enjoyed talking with you recently and appreciate your time and recommendations regarding the installation of the K40 in the Bentley. The installer you recommended was superb and I could not be more pleased with the K40, the installation job and the superb level of customer service provided by you and K40. This is one of my absolute best experiences in buying anything. I appreciate your attention to detail and your superb customer service focus.”

Best regards,

B. Brownson

I couldn’t have been more impressed when I called K40 with questions. Your consultant answered every question, asked me another dozen questions about how and where I drive, and even inquired about my kids driving the car. All-in-all, it was an excellent experience and the results have been affirmed by my K40 saving me from at least three tickets already!

David L. Pittsburgh, PA

“Chat with Lynette made me select the K40 unit over others.”

Rich H. Georgia

Just a compliment on great service.  Had concealed system put in my BMW 550ix last week.  Received a call within days from Brian who acknowledged receipt of my registration and asked me to call him at my convenience to go over features and operations of system which I did.  Brian was most helpful and provided an outstanding customer service experience!  P.S. system works great too.  Thanks

Jim D IL

I cannot thank you enough for the information you provided.  You were so pleasant and helpful!  A true asset to your company!!


C. Stockton Huntsville, AL

I purchased a dual Defuser g5 kit with the intention of installing it myself with my UN2000 radar system I already had.  I talked to Brian about install questions and he convinced me to upgrade to the newest model and recommended Robin for the install.  Great advice!!!! Thanks Brian…Also Robin and his helper (son) Rashad were great to work with and did a fantastic job on the install.

Lenny S. Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for your awesome product, and exceptional customer service, as I have told multiple friends and family about the K40 brand and will continue as this product is HANDS DOWN far above the rest on the market today.  Customer For Life.

E. Brown USMC Disabled - Alamogordo, NM