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Welcome to K40 Electronics! We’re so glad you found us. We’re not the easiest radar detector and laser jammer company to find, and that is by design. We don’t sell our products through a big box or large chain stores. That’s because years ago, K40 Electronics made a commitment. We are committed to supporting and partnering with independent retailers and select car dealerships that keep Main Street and America going. We think small business is essential. More than ever, we believe that there is value in knowing who you are buying from and how much they care about your experience. Small businesses that care about you and your communities. Together, we have made huge impacts with monetary and sweat equity donations in neighborhoods across this great nation. You won’t find a more caring and responsive company than K40 Electronics and its hand-picked network of small business owners.

Let Us Earn Your Business

K40 Electronics builds its products for drivers. We have been keeping drivers ticket-free since 1981 with the industry’s first and best “Ticket-Free Guarantee.” We believe in the performance of our products. With K40 Electronics, you have a 100% Ownership Guarantee, including Ticket-Free Guarantee, Performance Guarantee, and Quality Guarantee.

We build our products to be easy to use, discreet, and customizable for real-world experiences. Check out K40 Electronics reviews to learn more from real drivers and car enthusiasts.

K40 Electronics has a history of reliability, integrity, innovation, and transparency. We earn business with great products and excellent service. Give us a call at 800-323-5608, and let us show you! Our white-glove service includes experienced consultants that are available to provide you with product advice, information, and problem resolution.

Explore our products to find the perfect police radar detector and laser protection system for your vehicle and driving lifestyle. Contact us for a K40 Electronics Consultation. One of our senior K40 Electronics experts is always available to custom configure your system for you and how you drive.

A Message from K40's President, Peggy Finley

I want to start this letter the same way we begin every day here at K40 Electronics. In Appreciation.

Appreciation for every customer who has ever purchased our products. Appreciation for our network of retail stores and car dealerships.

Many of our customers go back 30 years, with the introduction of the first machine wound, high-performance CB antenna. Some have just purchased their first custom-installed radar/laser detection system, and many have been driving with K40 protection for decades. It’s vital that you know each time you choose K40 products and protection, you are backed by a company of real people who genuinely care about your complete satisfaction.

Our network of retail stores and car dealerships are hardworking, committed professionals who have persevered within an ever-changing and often unpredictable market. Retailers who didn’t quit when faced with “Big Box” competition continue to reinvent themselves and offer white glove, personal service to their customers, thereby setting themselves apart from Internet resellers. They offer integrity and satisfaction their customer’s demand. We started with you, and we’re staying with you. We appreciate you.

I am proud of the company we are, the products we offer, and the relationships we have forged. You all matter to us. And we are blessed to have you in our lives.

Peggy Finley
President, K40 Electronics

The K40 Team

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The industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable team delivering superior customer service and satisfaction.

Our Sales and Customer Service staff tenure averages 20 years. Our experience and availability helps ensure that your K40 police radar detector and laser jammer system provides you with years of ticket-free driving. Should you ever have any questions about your K40 system, please call us 24/7 at 1.800.323.5608 and one of our highly-experienced consultants will be happy to assist you.

At K40 we don’t just sell products. We’re a company of people who love what we do. We’re an integral part of our community and have been for over 30 years. We’re committed to our #1 business goal: delivering the best radar detector and laser jammer products on the market along with complete customer trust and satisfaction. These are commitments we’ve remained dedicated to since 1981.


I couldn’t have been more impressed when I called K40 with questions. Your consultant answered every question, asked me another dozen questions about how and where I drive, and even inquired about my kids driving the car. All-in-all, it was an excellent experience and the results have been affirmed by my K40 saving me from at least three tickets already!

David L. Pittsburgh, PA

I have your product on my BMW, and love it. It allows me to drive the car the way it was made to be driven. I spend less time looking for speed traps and roof lights, and more time with my eyes on the road.

Tom W. Fresno, CA

This is my 7th K40 radar detector purchase – nice update to product and good service at Patrick BMW.

D. Schwartz Glencoe, IL

Every mile I drive in my Porsche is more enjoyable thanks to the K40 radar/laser system. I’ve been warned several times of speed traps in the first two months of it being installed.

Dom M. Automotive Journalist, New Jersey

Thank you Lynette, I didn’t realize I have had the K40 for that length of time. It’s reassuring to know I bought the best from a company that is still around. I don’t think I will need another since I am 68. It may be time for me to slow down.

Thanks again!

Doug F. Decatur, AL

The Installer’s Attention to detail was incredible on my very limited production BMW K1 Motorcycle and the product itself has vastly improved the enjoyment and quality of my ride–It is a necessary accessory to have!!!

E. Rossmann Woodstock, GA

This is the 4th K40 system I’ve purchased – always worth the money!

J.F. Steger Dubuque, IA

Just a compliment on great service.  Had concealed system put in my BMW 550ix last week.  Received a call within days from Brian who acknowledged receipt of my registration and asked me to call him at my convenience to go over features and operations of system which I did.  Brian was most helpful and provided an outstanding customer service experience!  P.S. system works great too.  Thanks

Jim D IL

I came in thinking I would get another radar detector, but Bob convinced me to get the K40. The speeding ticket guarantee sold me. And I have not been disappointed!

Ken T. Ann Arbor, MI

K40 radar detectors have been a name synonymous with quality and workmanship. When a radar detector company can produce a product that has stood the test of time like K40. The choice is simple.


This is my second K40 radar detector. The first one I purchased in 2001 saved me from a ticket the very first day. I thought it was defective because it alerted me 4 miles before I saw a state patrol. This convinced me how well this product works! It has saved me countless tickets since then. Thanks for making a superior product.

Patrick Dowling

“Chat with Lynette made me select the K40 unit over others.”

Rich H. Georgia