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Dealer Spotlight: iNNovative Concepts

Nick Frazier, the owner of INNovative Concepts in Wilbraham, MA, recently installed a K40 Platinum360 front and rear radar detector and four Laser Defuser Optix on a 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Besides being a fantastic retail partner for K40 Electronics, INNovative Concepts is an industry-renowned retailer, and Nick is an award-winning installer.

About the Custom Installation of…Read more

Speeding Ticket Facts

Having a radar detector and laser jammer is one way of avoiding a speeding ticket. Knowing the facts about speeding tickets can help too.

Staggering Speeding Ticket Numbers

FORTY-ONE MILLION drivers will receive a speeding ticket each year. ONE HUNDRED TWELVE THOUSAND speeding tickets are issued each day. Over SIX BILLION dollars in revenue…Read more

Summer Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials That Should Be On Your Radar For Your 2021 Summer Adventure

According to a May 2021 study by TripIt , most Americans intend to travel for vacation by car this summer.

Domestic Road Trips Spike

Domestic tourism is at an all-time high. State and National parks are experiencing record spikes in the number of visitors…Read more

Great Women In Automotive History

The Beginning Of Women In The Automotive History Anne Rainsford French Bush January 1, 1900 Anne Rainsford French Bush, apparently the first woman to receive a license to drive a car, obtained a “steam engineer’s license,” which entitled her to operate a “four-wheeled vehicle powered by steam or gas.” Mary Anderson January 1, 1903 Mary…Read more

Platinum100 Firmware Update Procedure

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Learn how to update to the latest firmware version on K40’s Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector. This update requires USB Male to USB Mini Data Cable . If you need assistance with the update procedure, we are available 24/7 at 800-323-5608 .

Installing Updates for Windows 10 Download and install: K40 Dash FW Update Tool v1.02 After downloading and…Read more

K40 Hosts BGCDT-Blue Voices Performance

On May 11, the K40 office was filled with the beautiful and enthusiastic lyrical music of the Blue Voices youth singing group from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township. After their performance of several songs ( including a special K40 song ), they received custom logoed “hoodies,” ice cream, and a “payment” that taught them how to endorse a…Read more

Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township receives $50,000 donation from K40 Electronics

Peggy Finley, president of the Elgin-based K40 Electronics, and her staff presented the donation on Dec. 9 to the BGCDT’s leadership team, which includes President and CEO Curt McReynolds, Mike Berger, vice president of operations, and Amalia Woolf, vice president of program services. (read more)

K40’s Philosophy: See a Need…Fill a Need

K40 Electronics, a proud seven-year supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township, donated audio/visual equipment including cameras, laptops, lenses, microphones and more in a presentation to the members held on May 8, 2014, at the Paul Knox Teen Center. A call for new afterschool activities for the youth arose, and K40 Electronics…Read more

K40 Electronics is Driven by Love

On Tuesday, July 12, 2011, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township was surprised with an incredible donation by K40 Electronics President – Peggy Finley (and her entire staff)…a brand new 2011 E350 15-passenger Boys & Girls Clubs Van!

Less than two weeks ago, the Boys & Girls Clubs now 13-year-old van, affectionately known…Read more

K40 Electronics 2010 Corporate Partner of the Year

K40 Electronics is honored as the 2011/2010 Corporate Partner of the Year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township

Each year, a portion of our sales and an even larger portion of our time is donated to numerous local and national charities. We hold a meeting each year with our employees to determine…Read more