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What The Best Radar Detectors Of 2023 Have To Offer According To Popular Mechanics

GPS technology Great range Visual and Audible Alerts False Alert Filtering Adjustable Sensitivity Adjustable Selectivity Front and Rear antennas Smartphone App/companion Customizable settings Customer Support The Radar Detectors That Consistently Make The “Best Of” Lists Year After Year Have One Or More Of The Following Features GPS Technology – Many radar detectors use GPS technology…Read more

K40’s Ticket-Free Guarantee – A History of Confidence

In 1983, K40 founder Jim Liautaud stamped the FIRST-EVER ticket-free guarantee on his K40 radar detectors. Back then, it was his “put your money where your mouth is” guarantee.

“If you get a radar or laser speeding ticket within one year of purchase, K40 will reimburse you for the full cost of the ticket.”

It sounds like…Read more

Police Radar Detector System Garagegeektips Review

K40 Platinum360 Police Radar Detector System Garagegeektips.com Review

Karl K., a writer from garagegeektips.com, recently posted a review of the K40 Platinum360 radar detection system.  You can read the highlights below or the entire review here.

Why Should You Drive With a Police Radar Detector?

“In today’s hustle and bustle world, it’s easy to get distracted…Read more

How Police Radar Detectors Work

How does a police radar detector work?

For most drivers, speeding is accidental. Today’s vehicles come with technology that can distract you and offer such a smooth and quiet ride that sometimes traveling at 80 mph feels like 40 mph. A radar detector is a tool designed to alert you when your speed might…Read more

It’s All About The Add-Ons!

K40s new Platinum100 is a world-class radar and laser detector right out of the box.  With long-range LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) technology, and more customizable filtering, what more could a spirited driver in need of speeding ticket protection want?


First-Ever Portable Radar Detector With Remote Control Options.

Engineered with your safety in mind, K40…Read more

Platinum100 Is Packed With Performance

The Latest Technology for Long-Range Protection From Speeding Tickets

The Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector is powered by an all-new LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver. This technology detects and boosts the radar signal received, allowing faster alerts and greater range, giving you more time to slow down and avoid that speeding ticket! Drive…Read more

K40 Electronics’ Platinum100 Series Portable Radar & Laser Detectors Released


K40 Electronics’ Platinum100 portable radar & laser detector offers first-ever remote control options, longer range with LNA receivers, more customizable options, and “plug-in” Laser Defuser integration.

September 01, 2020, Elgin IL—K40 Electronics, a premier manufacturer of award-winning,…Read more

K40 Electronics Custom Installed Radar Detection Systems Integrate With Select Pioneer Head Units

K40’s custom-installed radar detectors have always been designed to be the most discreet countermeasure products available anywhere.  From our very first Undetectable radar systems in 1988 to today’s Platinum Series, maintaining the factory appearance of your vehicle goes into the design of every product we make.

In addition to integrating with select Kenwood/JVC/Excelon aftermarket radios, K40…Read more

To Jam or Not to Jam?… That is the Question.

How Long Should K40 Laser Defusers™ Jam a Police Laser Gun?

The simple answer is that you should be able to make that decision for yourself based on your location and the unique police laser encounter you are experiencing.

K40’s Platinum Series systems now allow you more control over your Laser Defusers. Now you can…Read more

More Selectivity…More Filtration…Means MORE focus on real radar threats.

K40’s latest technology gives you two options to customize Ka-Band alerts with Ka-Band Selectivity and Ka-Band Filter. These new features give you more filtration and less non-police radar alerts.

Ka-Band Selectivity – Control the segments of Ka-Band radar you want to be alerted to.

Ka-Wide Setting: The Ka-Wide setting scans the entire range of the…Read more