Summer Road Trip Essentials

June 15, 2021

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Road Trip Essentials That Should Be On Your Radar
For Your 2021 Summer Adventure

According to a May 2021 study by TripIt, most Americans intend to travel for vacation by car this summer.

Graph showing when vaccinated Americans will be ready to travel on flights verses road trips.

Domestic Road Trips Spike

Domestic tourism is at an all-time high. State and National parks are experiencing record spikes in the number of visitors this year as people suffering from quarantine fatigue load up the family car and road trip around the country.

Your K40 radar detector should be first on your packing list to keep you ticket-free. We also recommend a few cellphone apps for a stress-free road trip.

K40 Recommended Road Trip Cellphone Apps


  • FREE
  • Available for iPhone or Android

This app is our #1 recommendation because it helps drivers be alert to where traffic is backed up, where construction is, or where an accident has occurred.
The app also allows you to plan your trip via Google Maps and re-routes you to avoid traffic jams and delays.

Waze gives you crowdsourced information about speed traps giving you a heads-up for any instant-on police radar encounters. It also will alert you to:

  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Potential mobile cameras (reported by users).
  • Tunnel cameras
  • ANPR cameras
  • Traffic light cameras
  • Dangerous traffic areas

Gas Buddy

  • FREE
  • Available for iPhone or Android

Gas Buddy provides information on gas prices as well as other traveler recommendations, like the cleanliness of a gas station and hours of operation.

  • FREE
  • Available for iPhone or Android

Even if you’ve planned out all your stops, some nights, you might need a place to crash. is for those moments, with day-of deals on hotels near you any time of day or night. Find last-minute deals on available 3-star and above hotels at unbelievable prices. Jenna Irons of gives an excellent account of her experiences with this app and a few others we’ve mentioned here.

Other Recommended Road Trip Apps With Subscriptions – Audiobooks can make the miles fly by. Listen to someone read your favorite author from the comfort of your driver’s seat. – Pick a Genre of music or a specific artist.  Take turns creating the perfect family playlist.

Whatever your summer travel plans.  Be safe, have fun, and remember that this is the year where you can truly drive without limits with our Ticket-Free Guarantee.


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