K40’s Ticket-Free Guarantee – A History of Confidence

February 1, 2023

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In 1983, K40 founder Jim Liautaud stamped the FIRST-EVER ticket-free guarantee on his K40 radar detectors. Back then, it was his “put your money where your mouth is” guarantee.

“If you get a radar or laser speeding ticket within one year of purchase, K40 will reimburse you for the full cost of the ticket.”

It sounds like a gimmick, doesn’t it? We promise it’s not. There is no better performance measurement than 40 years of being on the hook for any speeding tickets our customers receive. It’s how we know our products work and keep drivers ticket-free. And it’s the quality and reliability of our products that allow us to continue to offer this guarantee and be a leader in the radar/laser industry.

When a customer calls K40 saying that they received a speeding ticket, the first question we ask is, “Can you tell me what happened? ” We want to know the circumstances of the police stop, and we want to ensure that the K40 system is working correctly. Almost always, the system is working fine, and the following circumstances led to the driver receiving the speeding ticket:

  1. The police officer was using a technique called “instant on.” The officer sits around a curve or on the other side of a hill. The officer keeps the radar gun off until he sees a car approaching, then turns the gun on to get a speed reading. This technique does not give the driver advanced warning of police presence, and there is no time to slow down if speeding. This scenario is a typical speed trap and accounts for a lot of the speeding tickets K40 receives for reimbursement.
  2. The driver received a speeding ticket from a police laser gun using our portable radar/laser detector. Although a portable radar/laser detector can detect laser, it cannot “jam” the police laser gun. For that, you would need Laser Defusers.
  3. The K40 radar detector was turned off, or the volume was lowered, and the driver didn’t hear the system alert.

K40 still reimburses drivers for speeding tickets, even in the above situations, and our customers are grateful.

“I purchased one of your radar detectors and had the misfortune of getting a speeding ticket. I remembered that you had a guarantee where the company would pay the fine. I turned in the ticket and received a check promptly. I just wanted to thank you for the great service.”

Beverly C. – Pocomoke, MD

How does the guarantee work?

  • If you, or your designated co-driver, get a speeding ticket from police radar or laser within the first year of ownership, K40 will reimburse you for the total cost of your court fines/fees.
  • Fees can also include the cost of a “Driver’s Safety Course,” which drivers can often take to keep the speeding ticket off their driving record and, thus, not adversely affect their insurance rates.
  • Send us a copy of the speeding ticket, proof of purchase of your K40 product, and proof of payment of the final court costs. Once processed, you will receive your reimbursement check usually within a week of submitting your claim.

Examples of speeding tickets.

What doesn’t the guarantee cover?

  • Speeding tickets issued in a school or construction zone or any ticket received with a DUI/DWI.
  • Attorney fees. – If you choose to fight your ticket in court, K40 does not cover attorney fees or ticket clinic fees.
  • Insurance premiums increases/points. The worse part of getting a speeding ticket and the biggest reason to avoid them!
  • Speeding tickets issued by police airplane enforcement or by police pacing your car to determine your speed.
  • ***CANADA ONLY*** /***PORTABLES ONLY*** Speeding tickets that do not carry demerits or points against the driver’s license. i.e., tickets issued from speed cameras.

(This guarantee also covers K40’s custom-installed radar detector and laser jammer systems. Custom-installed systems must include at least one Laser Defuser in order to be covered for any laser speeding tickets).

K40 was the first to offer this guarantee, and for several decades, we were the only radar detector and laser jammer manufacturer confident enough to provide it. Other top radar detector companies have begun to offer similar guarantees in recent years. Below is a comparison chart of portable radar detector Ticket-Free Guarantees and their differences.

K40 created this chart, to show that we are the most comprehensive…least restricted guarantee in the industry. In creating this chart, we referenced the Escort Radar and the Radenso Radar websites.

Ticket Free Guarantee Comparison Chart

At K40, we put our money where our mouth is. Forty years of keeping driver’s ticket-free means that you can trust us to protect you from costly speeding tickets, and if we don’t….we’ll pay for it. No gimmicks, just confidence.

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