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May 26, 2022

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Nick Frazier, the owner of INNovative Concepts in Wilbraham, MA, recently installed a K40 Platinum360 front and rear radar detector and four Laser Defuser Optix on a 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Besides being a fantastic retail partner for K40 Electronics, INNovative Concepts is an industry-renowned retailer, and Nick is an award-winning installer.

2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, K40

About the Custom Installation of the K40 Platinum360 and Laser Defuser Optix

This Corvette client was a referral from K40 Electronics. K40’s 24/7 Consult line takes client calls, makes product recommendations, and then refers the client to a qualified dealer in their area. In this case, that was INNovative Concepts.

When asked about the installation, Nick replied:

“The installation took approximately two days, not including a couple of days waiting on some of the parts that were custom painted for the installation. Below the factory splitter in each side vent, we fabricated an acrylic pod to house one of the Optix laser defusers. Instead of having them visible, we decided to make it appear as if they were a part of that splitter area. The black finish isn’t just high-gloss acrylic; it’s a painted part with a metallic flake clear coat. So to ensure it looked more factory, we had it painted to match. The IR acrylic conceals the defusers’ location.” This solution for the Laser Defusers was actually the most challenging part of the installation.”

Custom Installation of the K40 Platinum360, K40

“The vehicle is a  pretty straightforward install. We grabbed power from the auxiliary power port under the glovebox. This is an accessory power supply, although Chevy did something weird with it. When the door opens, it momentarily cuts power (for like 1-2 seconds) to that port, so the system may restart if the vehicle is running and the door is opened.”

The Delivery

Ticket Free Guaranteed, K40Nick sets up a time to deliver every vehicle, no matter how big or small the job. He goes over the features, what they mean, and how to change them to best suit the needs and wants of the client. They also reach out later to make sure they are not only enjoying the product(s) but also understand the operation.

Nick said the client was ecstatic about how the K40 installation turned out. Completely hidden for the most part, with anything that had to be visible looking like it belonged on the vehicle – The client actually prefers the look of the vehicle with the Laser Defuser Optix pods INNovative Concepts made and installed over the stock bumper. The client just called them  (2 weeks after the installation) to tell them that the system already saved him from a speeding ticket during a “spirited drive!”

About INNovative Concepts

INNovative Concepts was established in 2014 by owner Nick Frazier. After over a decade of working in the mobile electronics industry, Nick wanted to offer the highest quality installations and a more fluid sales experience to ensure each one of his clients receives the solution they need.

Nick’s business philosophy is: “We work closely with each client to accomplish their goals with their vehicle. We have done it all, whether it’s a simple upgrade or a complex overhaul. We believe that quality should be at the forefront of any installation. We show our work behind the panels, which clients normally never see…this is where it matters, where our work differs from others. Using secure wire connections and OEM finishes, our wiring matches, and in most cases exceeds, the OEM wiring in the vehicle.”

Custom Installation of the K40 Platinum360 wiring, K40

INNovative Concept’s mission is to provide a truly unique customer experience. Nick and his team focus on the customer’s wants, needs, budget, and vehicle, beginning with the sales process and continuing through to the delivery of the client’s vehicle.

About the owner: Nick Frazier

Nick FrazierWhen Nick first started driving in 2003, he was instantly drawn to the car customization and car audio world – maybe it was due to the time frame (The Fast and Furious movie was released, and shows like Pimp My Ride were coming out). Nick had a couple of local shops work on his car and was disappointed (parts of the vehicle were broken, and wiring was backward or incorrect.) He decided to learn proper installation techniques to ensure that his upgrades worked correctly.

That led to employment at a couple of big-box stores and some independent retailers until he opened INNovative Concept in 2014.

Nick is a nationally recognized car and marine electronics technician. He was voted to the Mobile Electronics Top 50 installers list each year from 2015 to 2021 and the Top 12 installers list for 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. In 2019, Nick was named the #1 Trusted Technician in North America!

Nick is also an MECP Master certified technician, the highest national certification for mobile electronics installation. With extreme attention to detail and product knowledge, Nick’s installation practices exceed all industry standards delivering an OEM appearance and a secure and long-lasting installation.

Innovative Concepts Awards

K40 Electronics sets the highest standards for its installation partners, and INNovative Concepts meets and exceeds them. If you are in the Wilbraham, MA, area and are looking for vehicle upgrades, we recommend you call or visit Nick and the team at INNovative Concepts.

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