What The Best Radar Detectors Of 2023 Have To Offer According To Popular Mechanics

April 21, 2023

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k40 portable radar detector on a windshield
  • GPS technology
  • Great range
  • Visual and Audible Alerts
  • False Alert Filtering
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Selectivity
  • Front and Rear antennas
  • Smartphone App/companion
  • Customizable settings
  • Customer Support

The Radar Detectors That Consistently Make The “Best Of” Lists Year After Year Have One Or More Of The Following Features

  • GPS Technology – Many radar detectors use GPS technology to measure vehicle speed and geographic coordinates to give drivers even more filtration and location-marking features.
  • Range – Radar detectors with the best range will alert the driver to police radar BEFORE the officer is in range to issue a speeding ticket.
  • Filtering – Radar detectors with the best filtering can discern between actual police radar and silence non-police radar signals.
  • Customization – The ability to change features and functions based on personal preferences and/or location.
  • Sensitivity – Flexible sensitivity settings give drivers more or less sensitivity and range based on their preferences.
  • Ease of use

Why The K40 PLATINUM100 Ranks As One Of The Best Radar Detectors.

  • Ease of use. The first radar detector of its kind that can be controlled by a handheld/visor-clipped remote control.
  • Display – OLED High Definition display with five color choices. Customizable display that shows user-defined information or none in stealth mode.
  • GPS Technology – Allows the user to Mark to Mute known false alerts, Mark to Alert areas where police hide, or any geographic location the driver wants to be alerted to, like School Zones, etc. Quiet Ride, which mutes all alerts based on the user’s chosen speed setting.
  • The K40 Consult – Exclusive access to a K40 radar detector and laser jammer expert to answer questions and optimize settings for individual drivers’ preferences.

“…it comes with a feature no other detector offers: a one-on-one consultation with an expert from K40 Electronics to help you optimize the detector for your location, vehicle and the way you drive.”

When reviewing K40’s Platinum100 Portable Radar and Laser Detector, Popular Mechanics said:

“Almost all radar detectors share the same, very annoying flaw: You have to reach over to use the controls on the hardware, which is usually mounted on your windshield, whenever you need to adjust a setting. The K40 Platinum100 makes the issue much more manageable by giving you a remote control….”

The Platinum100 is available with or without the remote control and comes with the industry’s first and most comprehensive ticket-free guarantee. If you receive a speeding ticket within the first year of ownership, K40 pays for it!

Read the review here: “Popular Mechanics – Best Radar Detectors for 2023”.

If you have questions, K40 has answers. Call 800-323-5608.

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