K40 Electronics Install on a BMW M4

November 29, 2023

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Dashboard of K40 Installed in BMW

Brent Rogers contacted K40 Electronics to inquire about getting a speeding ticket protection system for his BMW M4. K40 recommended Abt Electronics, a dealer in his area, to have a front and rear radar detection system and four front Laser Defusers custom installed on his vehicle. K40 Electronics asked him to share his experience, from determining which products best suited his needs to his first driving experience with the K40 Electronics Platinum360 radar detector and Laser Defusers. Below, Brent reviews K40 Electronics and one of our retail partners.

I recently had the pleasure of completing a K40 electronics installation for my car, and I wanted to share my experience with the brand and my installer.

Installation Process

I met John, the Mobile Electronics Manager at Abt Electronics — a K40 Electronics retail partner. John first took me through installation options and walked me around the car as he pointed out what potential system components and features were available. One of the things I was struck most by was how personally excited and invested he was in the K40 Electronics system’s potential for my vehicle, particularly the recent upgrades to the K40 Electronics options like the low noise amplifier (LNA) technology that boosts radar signal sensitivity, auto filter, which decreases and increases sensitivity based on speed, and the ability to select specific band frequency ranges to reduce non-police false alerts.

“John was attentive to my personal preferences and adjusted the plan based on what I mentioned as my own needs and priorities.”

John was super attentive to my personal preferences and adjusted the plan based on what I mentioned as my own needs and priorities. That included installing the Laser Defuser components uniquely to switch out my kidney grilles on my M4 easily in the future. Abt mounted two of the Laser Defuser transponders vertically in my grille to cover my vehicle’s center mass. The other two transponders were mounted horizontally on my grille’s left and right sides to cover my headlights. This gives me the complete coverage against laser speeding tickets I was looking for.

I was back the next day to pick up my car. Before I even had a chance to admire the installation, I noticed how they had gone through and cleaned & wiped down my vehicle. I thought this was a nice touch and showed the installer’s attention to detail.

First Drive & Customizations

My first impression of the installation was that you couldn’t even tell that a radar detector had been installed. This is a massive draw for me because, as a car enthusiast, I like my vehicles to retain their authentic, factory-made feel.

After my first impressions, I wanted to take some time to test out the K40 features. I wasn’t disappointed. My previous Escort radar detector was extremely noisy, even in quiet mode. I immediately noticed that the K40 system resulted in much less noise and a significant decrease in false alerts. I love the feature of the front band versus rear band alerts, which to me, is a high-end feature that enhances the entire system.

My other favorite tweaks include K40’s Laser Defuser Pulse Transmit mode setting. In this setting, the Laser Defusers send out the jamming signal for up to 5 seconds and then turn themselves off to allow the officer to obtain my speed. During a police laser encounter, the system gives a distinct and lower audible signal when the Defusers are no longer transmitting, so I know when the officer will get my vehicle’s speed. Quiet Ride is another killer feature that silences alerts at a speed you can set yourself.

What Sets K40 Electronics Apart

Honestly, one of the best features of my K40, besides the product itself— is the service that comes with it. 24/7 access to a K40 consultant, who you can call anytime you want and get answers to any questions about the K40 system, features, and even how to avoid speeding tickets in your specific areas.

Overall, I’ve been impressed by the increased range of alerts I have been experiencing,  the supercharged features, customization options, and every part of my experience, from initial consult and installation to ongoing use and support. It has been an excellent investment. I can’t recommend K40 Electronics and its products highly enough.

– Brent R., CEO and Founder of Green Line Inc.

Drive safe. Drive Protected. Drive with K40.

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