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Dealer Spotlight: Columbus Car Audio

Columbus Car Audio in Reynoldsburg, OH, recently installed a K40 Platinum360 front and rear radar detector and six laser Defuser Optix on a 2018 McLaren 570 GT.

The McLaren customer was a referral from a K40 Electronics Consult, where a K40 product expert makes product recommendations and then refers the dealer to a qualified installer in their area. In this case,…Read more

Do Radar Detectors Work?

Radar detectors have been commercially available and working to keep motorists ticket-free since the early 1950s because the science of how radar detectors work to alert drivers to the use of radar speed enforcement WORKS. K40 Electronics has been in the radar detector business for over 40 years, so the need for good radar detectors has a long history. That…Read more

Radar Detector Range

K40 Electronics designs its radar detectors to be as sensitive as “you” want.

No two drivers are alike. Some drivers want maximum range and sensitivity from their radar detectors. They want to know if an officer is 5 miles down the road, and they don’t mind dealing with false alerts that can be caused by…Read more

Does A Radar Detector Have To Be On The Windshield?

The short answer is “no.” Although windshield-mounted radar detectors are widely popular, many drivers prefer the stealth installation of a hidden radar detector for various reasons.

When K40 released the FIRST-EVER custom-installed radar detector in 1983 , it came with a “control head” which housed the radar alert LEDs and slide switches to control the detector…Read more

What The Best Radar Detectors Of 2023 Have To Offer According To Popular Mechanics

GPS technology Great range Visual and Audible Alerts False Alert Filtering Adjustable Sensitivity Adjustable Selectivity Front and Rear antennas Smartphone App/companion Customizable settings Customer Support The Radar Detectors That Consistently Make The “Best Of” Lists Year After Year Have One Or More Of The Following Features GPS Technology – Many radar detectors use GPS technology…Read more

Radar Detector Laws in Canada

Radar detectors are legal in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

They are illegal in all other provinces and territories. Click on the links below to read the specific laws of each territory/province.

Below we go over each Canadian province’s radar detector laws and what act enforces them. Keep reading below our guide to get a…Read more

K40’s Ticket-Free Guarantee – A History of Confidence

In 1983, K40 founder Jim Liautaud stamped the FIRST-EVER ticket-free guarantee on his K40 radar detectors. Back then, it was his “put your money where your mouth is” guarantee.

“If you get a radar or laser speeding ticket within one year of purchase, K40 will reimburse you for the full cost of the ticket.”

It sounds like…Read more

Will A Radar Detector Work In An Electric Vehicle?

Yes, it will! The EVolution is here and a K40 Radar Detectors and Laser Defusers will work in any electric vehicle.

Did you know that electric cars appeared long before the earliest gasoline cars?

The first known appearance of an electric vehicle was in the early 1830s in Scotland, but because the batteries were not…Read more

Custom Solutions To Keep You Ticket-Free.

What does K40 mean by “custom?”

Each driver and vehicle is unique. K40 has options for speeding ticket protection from motorcycles to motorhomes and everything in between.

Police use radar guns and laser guns to obtain your vehicles speed.

K40 Radar Detectors

Let’s start with the product itself. K40 radar detectors give you advance warning to the presence of police…Read more

Red Light and Speed Cameras

The truth about how they work, where they are, and how you can protect yourself from these tickets.

Although red light and speed cameras pose a unique threat to some drivers in some areas, the following are some facts and tools that can help drivers identify the risk in their area and help avoid these…Read more