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August 1, 2023

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Things that can set off radar detectors.

K40 Electronics designs its radar detectors to be as sensitive as “you” want.

No two drivers are alike. Some drivers want maximum range and sensitivity from their radar detectors. They want to know if an officer is 5 miles down the road, and they don’t mind dealing with false alerts that can be caused by increased sensitivity. Other drivers want their radar detector to alert them to the presence of police radar, with enough time to avoid a speeding ticket, but don’t want to deal with the false alerts that have many drivers asking the question…

Why is my radar detector constantly going off?

Many factors can contribute to a “noisy” radar detector. Mostly, it’s the increased use of non-police K-band radar frequencies and the radar detector’s ability to filter out those signals.

Things that set off radar detectors:

  • Automatic door openers
  • Security systems
  • In-vehicle safety systems such as Collision Avoidance and Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Traffic Flow Sensors that monitor the flow of traffic
  • Construction vehicles
  • Semi-tractors
  • Railroad Crossings

Can I minimize false alerts and still get a great range for police using radar guns?

The answer today is YES!

A great radar detector allows you to change settings to minimize the alerts from non-police radar (falses) while still providing solid protection and warnings of actual police radar in use.

If you want “extreme range,” it’s available, but those detectors may experience more false alerts. In today’s radar detector market, there is a product for everyone, from the enthusiast who wants maximum range to the everyday driver who wants only to hear his radar detector when it’s an actual threat.

K40 radar detectors are versatile enough to serve any driver, and Automoblog agrees.

“The K40 Platinum100 radar detector is, in my experience, one of the best on the market when it comes to long-range detection. The Platinum100 is on par with both the Uniden R3 and R7 in the long-range detection department, even outperforming the mighty Escort MAX 360c on a few occasions with Ka-band at a distance.”

How does a K40 radar detector reduce false alerts?

With K40, there are several ways you can reduce false alerts while still having plenty of time to slow down to avoid a speeding ticket:

  • Increase or decrease the sensitivity for each police radar band used, X, K, and Ka-band, or turn them off via the menu settings if they’re not used in your area.
  • Use the Mark to Mute (MM) feature to silence known GPS locations that are non-police radar, and you’ll never hear them again, like the “Your Speed Is” signs.
  • Set Quiet Ride to silence all alerts below a speed of your choosing. Perfect for driving in urban areas where false alerts are more common.
  • Turn on Traffic Sensor Filter to silence traffic flow sensors used by municipalities to monitor the speed and flow of traffic.
  • And many more!

Lamborghini interior with an LIS display in the center console

A balance between sensitivity and selectivity.

Radar detector manufacturers have different approaches when it comes to sensitivity and selectivity. Some choose to maximize how far their radar detectors can pick up a signal, putting sensitivity at the forefront. K40 Electronics has over 40 years of listening to our clients and believes we have found the optimal balance of protection vs. annoyance. You can trust your K40 radar detector to give you ample warning of police using radar guns, without the constant falsing that can make a driver ignore or even turn off their detector.

For specific information on which K40 products are right for you and your car, or to help customize your K40 radar detector for your preferences, contact a K40 Consultant. They can make a product recommendation or guide you through the menu settings to dial in your radar detector for where and how you drive.

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