Does A Radar Detector Have To Be On The Windshield?

May 31, 2023

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Raptor Dash with Platinum200

We Fix Speeding Tickets Ad.The short answer is “no.” Although windshield-mounted radar detectors are widely popular, many drivers prefer the stealth installation of a hidden radar detector for various reasons.

When K40 released the FIRST-EVER custom-installed radar detector in 1983, it came with a “control head” which housed the radar alert LEDs and slide switches to control the detector and provide visual alerts.

As the interior of luxury vehicles became more complex and beautiful, K40 became more interested in upholding the integrity of those intricate interiors.

In 1988, K40 introduced the most uncomplicated, discreet “display” in the category… 1 or 2 LEDs… that’s it!  The system tells drivers everything they need to know to avoid tickets through the hidden speaker and LEDs.

Porsche Dashboard DisplayK40 Radar Dash DisplayThe hidden speaker gives the driver audible alerts to approaching speed traps by announcing the exact radar band the officer is using, and the system will also inform radar gun location by saying “Front Ka-Band,” ‘Rear X-Band,” etc. if a front and rear radar detection system is installed, like the K40 Platinum360.

Simultaneously with the voice alerts, the LEDs will flash. Typically the left LED will indicate a front radar threat, and the right LED a rear radar threat (if the front and rear system is installed.) These LEDs will flash more rapidly the closer the driver gets to the police radar gun.

K40 clients love that the K40 system is entirely stealthy in their vehicle, so they only know it’s there when they need it!

“Loving my K40! I picked the K40 because of its ability to be installed stealthily inside and out. I love my K40 because it works like a champ and keeps me alert about where the police are! An essential tool for anyone who spends any time behind the wheel.”
Jeffery S. – Duluth, GA

Today, specialty installers work with drivers to find the perfect place to integrate the K40 display LEDs.

K40 Specialty Installers

Why should I hide my radar detector in my car?

  • You want to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle interior. By integrating the LEDs into your vehicle’s dash/cluster area, you only see them when an alert is present. Neither passengers nor police will know that you have the system installed.
  • Radar detectors are illegal to use in some areas. Custom-installed (hidden) radar detectors would be a good choice for any driver who drives where radar detectors are illegal. In the United States, that is the state of Virginia, Washington D.C., and all military installations. In Canada, radar detectors are only LEGAL in three provinces; British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.
  • Some states prohibit hanging anything on your windshield. In 28 U.S. states and 6 Canadian provinces or territories, a portable radar detector could result in an equipment violation as they do not permit anything non-transparent to be mounted on the windshield.
  • 20.2% of cars are broken into. Having something hanging from your windshield or even suction cup marks on your windshield can invite thieves.

How are radar detectors installed?

Custom radar detector installations, such as the K40 Platinum360 radar detector and laser Defuser system, are professionally installed by installation specialists and car dealerships. These experts determine the best component placement for optimum performance and minimal footprint.

A custom installation requires an in-depth knowledge of the vehicle’s electronics system. The ability and tools to remove instrument clusters, bumper covers, and other components to completely conceal the K40 parts within the vehicle.

K40 Installation Photos

(Installation Photos Courtesy Of Audio Interventions – Bonita Springs, FL)

K40 custom-installed systems are compatible with select aftermarket car radios like Kenwood, JVC, and Pioneer. Drivers can receive all visual alerts, adjust settings through their receiver’s touch screen, and even receive audible warnings through the factory speakers.

Each driver, driving style, personal preferences, and vehicle are unique. There is no “one-size-fits-all” regarding protection against police radar and laser tickets. Whether a portable radar detector or a custom-installed system with laser jammers, it’s essential to understand your options.

You can contact a K40 Consultant by calling 800-323-5608 or by filling out a contact form to receive answers to your questions and professional recommendations for the protection you require.

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