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The RL360di: The most sophisticated protection from police radar on the planet.
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I enjoyed talking with you recently and appreciate your time and recommendations regarding the installation of the K40 in the Bentley. The installer you recommended was superb and I could not be more pleased with the K40, the installation job and the superb level of customer service provided by you and K40. This is one of my absolute best experiences in buying anything. I appreciate your attention to detail and your superb customer service focus.”

Best regards,

B. Brownson

I am very happy with the performance and exceptional level of customer service offered by K40 and my local dealer! They took care of my every need and having the ability to have a hidden radar detector with laser defusers makes driving my Porsche all the much better without worry of the officer around the corner waiting! Thanks Steve for all you’ve done to make the purchase of my new K40 RL360 one of the best decisions I’ve made for my Porsche.

Brandon Cox Tempe, AZ

This is the 4th K40 system I’ve purchased – always worth the money!

J.F. Steger Dubuque, IA

Thank you for your awesome product, and exceptional customer service, as I have told multiple friends and family about the K40 brand and will continue as this product is HANDS DOWN far above the rest on the market today.  Customer For Life.

E. Brown USMC Disabled - Alamogordo, NM

I cannot thank you enough for the information you provided.  You were so pleasant and helpful!  A true asset to your company!!


C. Stockton Huntsville, AL

The Installer’s Attention to detail was incredible on my very limited production BMW K1 Motorcycle and the product itself has vastly improved the enjoyment and quality of my ride–It is a necessary accessory to have!!!

E. Rossmann Woodstock, GA

“Chat with Lynette made me select the K40 unit over others.”

Rich H. Georgia

Just a compliment on great service.  Had concealed system put in my BMW 550ix last week.  Received a call within days from Brian who acknowledged receipt of my registration and asked me to call him at my convenience to go over features and operations of system which I did.  Brian was most helpful and provided an outstanding customer service experience!  P.S. system works great too.  Thanks

Jim D IL

I purchased a dual Defuser g5 kit with the intention of installing it myself with my UN2000 radar system I already had.  I talked to Brian about install questions and he convinced me to upgrade to the newest model and recommended Robin for the install.  Great advice!!!! Thanks Brian…Also Robin and his helper (son) Rashad were great to work with and did a fantastic job on the install.

Lenny S. Jacksonville, FL

Over the last couple of days with the K40, I’m amazed at how many places there are for radar equipped police to
hang out !!!! I’ve put on an average of 65,000 miles per year for the past 42 years, and can’t believe I waited this long….. I will never be without one ever again THANK YOU for a GREAT PRODUCT

Wayne A Anderson Napa, CA

This is my second K40 radar detector. The first one I purchased in 2001 saved me from a ticket the very first day. I thought it was defective because it alerted me 4 miles before I saw a state patrol. This convinced me how well this product works! It has saved me countless tickets since then. Thanks for making a superior product.

Patrick Dowling

I couldn’t have been more impressed when I called K40 with questions. Your consultant answered every question, asked me another dozen questions about how and where I drive, and even inquired about my kids driving the car. All-in-all, it was an excellent experience and the results have been affirmed by my K40 saving me from at least three tickets already!

David L. Pittsburgh, PA

The performance of the RL360i radar was seven times the capture range of the police radar guns on all radar bands, X, K, and Ka bands used by police. It works as advertised! More…

Carl Fors, B.S., M.S. President, Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc.

I came in thinking I would get another radar detector, but Bob convinced me to get the K40. The speeding ticket guarantee sold me. And I have not been disappointed!

Ken T. Ann Arbor, MI

This is my 7th K40 radar detector purchase – nice update to product and good service at Patrick BMW.

D. Schwartz Glencoe, IL

Just wanted to drop you both a note and say thanks for taking care of my detector problem. I have been out to our California home and now have used the detector enough to know everything is working great. I must say, you both know all about making the customer happy. Thanks for making sure that I am a very satisfied customer. I know where to go whenever I need help in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference. Well done.

Bill S. Boston, MA

I have your product on my BMW, and love it. It allows me to drive the car the way it was made to be driven. I spend less time looking for speed traps and roof lights, and more time with my eyes on the road.

Tom W. Fresno, CA

Thank you Lynette, I didn’t realize I have had the K40 for that length of time. It’s reassuring to know I bought the best from a company that is still around. I don’t think I will need another since I am 68. It may be time for me to slow down.

Thanks again!

Doug F. Decatur, AL
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