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Legalities of Aftermarket Installations – Will it void my factory warranty?

The quick answer is "no," here's the story behind that. The Fear: You want to upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket equipment, like a radar detection and laser jamming system, but you're worried about putting the vehicle's warranty at risk. It's no wonder. How often have you heard someone at a dealership say that "installing aftermarket equipment automatically voids the manufacturer's warranty?" This common misconception has been repeated frequently enough that it is widely believed to be true - THOUGH IT IS COMPLETELY FALSE. The Truth: Most vehicle owners are unaware they are protected by federal law: the Magnuson-Moss Warranty—Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975. Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, aftermarket equipment does not void a vehicle manufacturer's original warranty unless the warranty clearly and conspicuously states that aftermarket equipment voids the warranty. Most states also have warranty statutes, which provide further protection for vehicle owners. In other words, that means a dealer can't wiggle out of his legal warranty obligation merely because you installed aftermarket equipment. Check the owner's manual to determine if any aftermarket equipment automatically voids your vehicle's warranty. The language you are looking for likely appears under a heading such as "What Is Not covered." Although the language seems negative, remember your vehicle manufacturer is simply saying he does not cover the aftermarket products themselves. He is not saying that the products would void the vehicle warranty. Vehicle Dealers Obligations Suppose you modify your vehicle, and then it needs repairs while still under warranty by the dealer. Without analyzing the actual cause of the problem, the dealer attempts to deny warranty coverage. He decides based on the fact that you've installed aftermarket equipment—a convenient way to avoid incurring low-paying warranty work. An example of how ridiculous this can get is a man who was denied warranty coverage by a dealer on his power door locks because he had improved his exhaust system. It sounds unbelievable, but it happened - because that man did not know his rights and challenged the dealer's decision. FACT: A dealer must prove - not just say - that the aftermarket equipment you installed caused the need for repairs before he can deny warranty coverage on that basis. Your Rights Point out the provision of the Magnuson-Moss Act to the dealer. It requires that he explain to you how the aftermarket equipment caused the problem. If he can't—or his explanation sounds questionable—it is your legal right to demand he comply with the warranty. FACT: There is recourse if you are still unfairly denied warranty coverage. The Federal Trade Commission administers the Magnuson-Moss [...]

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Dealer Spotlight: Columbus Car Audio

Columbus Car Audio in Reynoldsburg, OH, recently installed a K40 Platinum360 front and rear radar detector and six laser Defuser Optix on a 2018 McLaren 570 GT. The McLaren customer was a referral from a K40 Electronics Consult, where a K40 product expert makes product recommendations and then refers the dealer to a qualified installer in their area. In this case, this was Columbus Car Audio. The Installation Installation specialist Dan Wilson (Mobile Electronics Installer of the Year nominee) was up for the challenge of installing the K40 system on this vehicle. Using his experience and expertise, Dan did a fantastic job of integrating all the components for the system so that the car retained its factory look. If a picture says a thousand words, this video speaks volumes! Watch as Dan meticulously goes through the care, expertise, precision, and craftsmanship he puts into every K40 radar and laser protection system installation. It takes years of training to achieve this level of custom installation, and it shows in the time and technology that Dan put into creating the custom acrylic pods to make the Laser Defuser Optix transponders virtually disappear into the vehicle's aesthetics. System Set-Up K40 Platinum360 front and rear radar detector Six Laser Defuser Optix (three on the front and three on the back) The Delivery According to Store/Sales Manager Jayson Cook, who delivered and demonstrated the system to the client, "He loved it!! – I asked him to show me where we installed the Laser Defusers, and he couldn't find 5 out of the 6!" He loved the stealthy installation and was impressed by the alert LEDs that are invisible until the system alerts." About Columbus Car Audio Columbus Car Audio, established in 1978, is family-owned and operated in two central Ohio locations. CCA is known for "their ability to add anything you can think of to your vehicle, including Subwoofers, Speakers, Window Tint, Remote Starters, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Truck Accessories, Wheels, and much more. They do everything from basic installation to complete custom fabrication for cars, RVs, motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles, and anything else you can drive!" K40 Electronics sets the highest standards for its installation partners, and Columbus Car Audio meets and exceeds them. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio, area and are looking for vehicle upgrades, we recommend you call or visit the team at Columbus Car Audio.

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K40 Electronics Install on a BMW M4

Brent Rogers contacted K40 Electronics to inquire about getting a speeding ticket protection system for his BMW M4. K40 recommended Abt Electronics, a dealer in his area, to have a front and rear radar detection system and four front Laser Defusers custom installed on his vehicle. K40 Electronics asked him to share his experience, from determining which products best suited his needs to his first driving experience with the K40 Electronics Platinum360 radar detector and Laser Defusers. Below, Brent reviews K40 Electronics and one of our retail partners. I recently had the pleasure of completing a K40 electronics installation for my car, and I wanted to share my experience with the brand and my installer. Installation Process I met John, the Mobile Electronics Manager at Abt Electronics — a K40 Electronics retail partner. John first took me through installation options and walked me around the car as he pointed out what potential system components and features were available. One of the things I was struck most by was how personally excited and invested he was in the K40 Electronics system's potential for my vehicle, particularly the recent upgrades to the K40 Electronics options like the low noise amplifier (LNA) technology that boosts radar signal sensitivity, auto filter, which decreases and increases sensitivity based on speed, and the ability to select specific band frequency ranges to reduce non-police false alerts. "John was attentive to my personal preferences and adjusted the plan based on what I mentioned as my own needs and priorities." John was super attentive to my personal preferences and adjusted the plan based on what I mentioned as my own needs and priorities. That included installing the Laser Defuser components uniquely to switch out my kidney grilles on my M4 easily in the future. Abt mounted two of the Laser Defuser transponders vertically in my grille to cover my vehicle's center mass. The other two transponders were mounted horizontally on my grille's left and right sides to cover my headlights. This gives me the complete coverage against laser speeding tickets I was looking for. I was back the next day to pick up my car. Before I even had a chance to admire the installation, I noticed how they had gone through and cleaned & wiped down my vehicle. I thought this was a nice touch and showed the installer's attention to detail. First Drive & Customizations My first impression of the installation was that you couldn't even tell that a radar detector had been installed. This is a massive draw for me because, as a car [...]

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Automoblog – Quick Take

    "The K40 Platinum100 radar detector is, in my experience, one of the best on the market when it comes to long-range detection. The Platinum100 is on par with both the Uniden R3 and R7 in the long-range detection department, even outperforming the mighty Escort MAX 360c on a few occasions with Ka-band at a distance."      Read more here.

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Hands on: K40 Platinum360 Radar Detector and Laser Defuser Review

"… if you are looking to get a radar/laser detector but don’t want something stuck to your windshield, this is the superior option…24/7 support, and many options for marking locations, stopping false activation’s, and Ticket Free Driving.” Cerebral Overload recently installed and tested our Platinum360 front and rear radar detection system with Laser Defusers. A comprehensive look at the system components and how they are professionally installed into your vehicle so that you only see the system when you need it.  Stealth installation preserves the factory appearance of your vehicle, giving you ticket-free peace of mind without altering your vehicle's interior. It's not enough that this system looks good, it has to perform. You can read the entire K40 Platinum360 review here:      

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Platinum100 Review From CanadianCarStereo.com

We love getting real-world reviews from independent sources.  Canadian Car Stereo is a resource for aftermarket automotive retailers in Canada. They are a reviewer, recommender, (that's not a word!) and collaboration resource for our Canada partners, and this is what they had to say about K40's new Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector, "This was a perfect example of how a simple investment of a radar detector saved my family roughly $460 in fines and demerits!"  You can read the full K40 Platinum100 review here.  

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It’s All About The Add-Ons!

K40s new Platinum100 is a world-class radar and laser detector right out of the box.  With long-range LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) technology, and more customizable filtering, what more could a spirited driver in need of speeding ticket protection want? Options! First-Ever Portable Radar Detector With Remote Control Options. Engineered with your safety in mind, K40 designed the world's first portable radar detector that can be controlled with a remote control.  No more reaching, fumbling or taking your eyes off of the road to access your controls.  Mount the remote control to your visor and all the features and functions are easily accessible without distraction. You can purchase your Platinum100 with the wireless remote control or without.  You also have the option of buying the Expert Controller and having it custom-installed into your vehicle.  The Expert Controller is hardwired, backlit, and available in a horizontal or vertical application, so it looks like it came from the factory in every vehicle. Want Even More Protection? Another "first" for K40 is the ability to add integrated Laser Defusers to your vehicle.  With this innovation, you have real protection from laser speeding tickets and the convenience of having the alerts appear on your Platinum100 display.  You will also have the ability to customize your Laser Defuser settings via the Platinum100 controls as well as the ability to stop the jamming transmission at any time with a simple push of the mute button during a police laser encounter.   But Wait…There's More! The Platinum100 is feature-rich and future proof. K40 appreciates that purchasing a radar detector is an investment that should protect and serve you for years to come, so we made the Platinum100 updateable via a mini-USB port. You can now upload firmware updates when necessary to keep you protected from law enforcement technologies now and in the future.     K40 also includes two power cords with every portable radar detector.  A coiled cord and a straight cord for hardwiring the Platinum100 into your vehicle, eliminating the power cord hanging from your windshield to your dash.     Take it a step further by mounting your radar detector with a Blendmount™ K40 specific rearview mirror mount.  Blendmount keeps your radar detector in the optimal position for signal reception and keeps it discreet. You can also add an Integration Cable which will allow you to two additional features: Mute-In – Have an independent, convenient mute button installed at a location of your choice for fast access to the mute function during your drive. Mute-Out -  Used to mute your radio during a police [...]

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Platinum100 Is Packed With Performance

The Latest Technology for Long-Range Protection From Speeding Tickets The Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector is powered by an all-new LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver. This technology detects and boosts the radar signal received, allowing faster alerts and greater range, giving you more time to slow down and avoid that speeding ticket! Drive with confidence knowing that your radar detector will "find them...before they fine you". K40 utilized 40 years of experience keeping drivers ticket-free, combined with the latest technology and proprietary programming to bring you an easy-to-use and understand radar and laser detector that is feature-rich and completely customizable for every driver and vehicle. If you're new to radar detectors, the default settings are a great way to become familiar with what police are using in your area while giving you great protection.  For the advanced or seasoned radar detector user, K40 has included customizable settings to minimize or maximize the alerts you want to receive. The Platinum100 is packed with performance and customization opportunities: A multi-color OLED Display that can be customized to match your vehicle's interior. GPS Intelligence to reduce false alerts and offer customizable notifications via your personal database of important locations. A powerful CPU for increased response time and greater customization options. A mini-USB port makes the Platinum100 ready for future expansion and updates. An RJ11 Jack for adding optional, custom installed Laser Defusers for jamming police laser guns and Mute-In, and Mute-Out functions. Your Platinum100 is ready to go, out of the box.  A new, robust, and sturdy mounting system along with two power cords (one for hardwiring, and one for moving from vehicle to vehicle) are included.  Just plug it in, turn it on, and you're ready to drive without limits. If you would like more information on the Platinum100 Portable Radar and Laser Detector or any other K40 "Ticket-Free Guaranteed" products, give us a call any time at 800-323-5608.  

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K40’s Long-Range Portable Radar Detector with Remote Control Options

Safety, Convenience, and Control... Right at Your Fingertips. Do you want a safer, more convenient way to control your radar detector? K40's Platinum100 is the world's first portable radar and laser detector to offer a remote control option. The optional wireless remote is a key-fob sized controller that includes a visor clip so that you can easily control your Platinum100 without ever taking your eyes off the road. K40 takes your safety seriously. When adding the optional remote control to your Platinum100, changing the portable's settings is safer, and more convenient than ever.  No more reaching up to the windshield and fumbling for the right button when you want to control or adjust your settings. It's a big change that will make an even bigger difference in your driving experience. With K40 You Always Have Options Choose either the Platinum100-RC, which includes the wireless remote control, or the Platinum100 without the remote control (which can be purchased separately at a later date). Also available is the Expert remote control. This controller is hardwired into your vehicle by your K40 dealer. It is made to look and feel just like your factory controls. The Expert remote control is backlit so that you can easily see it in low light conditions, which means maximum safety and convenience while changing your K40 settings day or night. The Expert remote control offers an OEM-looking radar protection experience in a portable package. You're going to love driving with it! If you would like to learn more about the K40 Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector or any of the other speeding ticket protection products from K40, please call us anytime at 800-323-5608.

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A Mile High Shout Out

Since 2014, Crown Rally events have been incredibly popular for sports, luxury, and exotic cars. One hundred vehicles come together for each rally event, and Crown Rally holds three unique driving events each year. Dan, a K40 customer, won Crown Rally West and shared his experience using a K40 police radar detector during competition. He sent Andre Mittelmark, the owner of Streamline Audio in Eden Prairie, MN this message. “Andre, Dan here… I just completed a 1000 mile rally from Denver to Las Vegas in the GT2… I have to tell you… the radar was ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS!... Every single cop we encountered was detected in extreme advance.. saved me 8 times… finished first and no tickets!... I can’t say enough how well this system works. We will be in touch soon, all my GT3 friends want in, and I need all my dailys done as well… props to a perfect install and quality product!!” Crown Rally West was held July 10th - 12th, 2020, starting in Denver, CO. Over one hundred driving enthusiasts enjoyed 750 back-road, challenging miles from Colorado to Utah and Las Vegas. This year’s Rally West consisted of 19 Porsches, 9 Lamborghinis, 9 McLarens, 18 Ferraris, and many other exotic, European, and sports cars.  From the winding climb up to Pikes Peak, the scenic views from Vail, to the all-out fun of driving without limits at the Bonneville Salt Flats / Bonneville Speedway.  Most drivers took advantage of the bonus leg and went on to finish in Las Vegas. Crown Rally History and Charity Contributions The very first rally held in 2014 was a Minneapolis to Chicago run. This experience was created by Adam Smith and Justin Brouwer, two Minnesota software engineers. Each rally team consists of a driver and a navigator. The rallies typically consist of 700-800 miles of back road driving with checkpoints and events along the way. Participants can enjoy 4+ star rating accommodations, meals, and the opportunity to win trophies including the best time winner. Since its inception, Crown Rally has raised over $273,000 for charity through the Rally4aCause Foundation. The Crown Rally takes actions every year to help support their charity partners including Epilepsy Foundation, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and Hear The Cheers. Crown Rally also accepts sponsors for every rally season to connect brands with participants and support the #rally4acause initiative. In 2016, 3M became an official sponsor, adorning the vehicles with logos and wrap to show each driver's unique flair. Blackstar Distribution, driving the eye-catching McLaren “Rally King”, is a Crown Rally sponsor and K40 partner. K40 is proud [...]

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