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A Mile High Shout Out From the Crown Rally West Winner

Andre Mittelmark, the owner of Streamline Audio in Eden Prairie, MN, shared an email that he received from his customer.

“Andre, Dan here… I just completed a 1000 mile rally from Denver to Las Vegas in the GT2… I have to tell you… the radar was ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS!… Every single cop we encountered was detected in extreme advance.. saved me 8 times… finished first and no tickets!… I can’t say enough how well this system works. We will be in touch soon, all my GT3 friends want in, and I need all my daily drivers done as well… props to a perfect install and quality product!!”

The best reviews of our products (and our retail partners) come from actual customers, like Dan.

We had to know more.

It turns out that Dan had just completed and WON the Crown Rally West event. One of three such rally events held in the US each year.

Crown Rally West 2020 Winner

Since 2014 Crown Rallies have been the “must attend” events for hundreds of sports, luxury, and exotic cars. One hundred vehicles come together for each rally event, and Crown Rally holds three unique driving rallies each year.

The very first rally held in 2014 was a Minneapolis to Chicago run, the brainchild of two Minnesota software engineers, Adam Smith, and Justin Brouwer.

Each rally team consists of a driver and a navigator.  Typically 700-800 miles of back road driving with checkpoints and events along the way, 4+ star accommodations, and meals, ending with a “best time” trophy winner among many other trophies.

Since its inception, these rallies have raised over $273,000.00 for charity through the Rally4aCause Foundation, and in 2016, 3M became an official sponsor, so the vehicles are adorned with logos and wrap to show each drivers unique flair. Blackstar Distribution, driving the McLaren “Rally King” (a play on “Tiger King”), another K40 partner, and Crown Rally sponsor was an eye-catcher on and off the road.

McLaren “Rally King” at Crown Rally West 2020

According to social media surrounding the rally, drivers commented on how lucky they felt to have this caravan pass them on the road.

Crown Rally West 2020, the rally that Dan won, the first event of the year, was held July 10-12, 2020.

Starting in Denver, CO, on Friday morning and ending in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, 100 driving enthusiasts enjoyed 750 back-road, challenging miles.

This year’s Rally West consisted of 19 Porsches, 9 Lamborghinis, 9 McLarens, 18 Ferraris, and the field filled out with many other exotic, European, and sports cars.  From the winding climb up to Pikes Peak, the scenic views from Vail, to the all-out fun of driving without limits at the Bonneville Salt Flats / Bonneville Speedway.  Of course, most drivers took advantage of the bonus leg and went on to Las Vegas.

Crown Rally West 2020 Driving Route

K40 is proud to have partners like Streamline Audio providing amazing installations and choosing us to be on the winning team for this year’s Rally West.

We can’t wait for Rally North and South!

Special props to rally navigator, expert photographer, and K40 Electronics friend, Mike Mroz of mrozphotos, for these fantastic images! Mike also let us know that many of the vehicles participating in this rally were equipped with K40 radar detection and laser jamming systems.

Rally West Car Participants

Whether you’re a race car driver at heart, a road warrior for work, or want to drive your car the way it’s meant to be driven, K40 has a customizable Ticket-Free solution for you.  Call us anytime at 800-323-5608.



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