Hands on: K40 Platinum360 Radar Detector and Laser Defuser Review

October 15, 2020

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“… if you are looking to get a radar/laser detector but don’t want something stuck to your windshield, this is the superior option…24/7 support, and many options for marking locations, stopping false activation’s, and Ticket Free Driving.”

K40 Platinum360 review

Cerebral Overload recently installed and tested our Platinum360 front and rear radar detection system with Laser Defusers. A comprehensive look at the system components and how they are professionally installed into your vehicle so that you only see the system when you need it.  Stealth installation preserves the factory appearance of your vehicle, giving you ticket-free peace of mind without altering your vehicle’s interior. It’s not enough that this system looks good, it has to perform. You can read the entire K40 Platinum360 review here:




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