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October 9, 2020

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Platinum100 portable radar detector add-on wireless controller and Laser Defuser Optix transponders

K40s new Platinum100 is a world-class radar and laser detector right out of the box.  With long-range LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) technology, and more customizable filtering, what more could a spirited driver in need of speeding ticket protection want?


Platinum100 portable radar detector add-on wireless controller and Laser Defuser Optix transponders

First-Ever Portable Radar Detector With Remote Control Options.

Engineered with your safety in mind, K40 designed the world’s first portable radar detector that can be controlled with a remote control.  No more reaching, fumbling or taking your eyes off of the road to access your controls.  Mount the remote control to your visor and all the features and functions are easily accessible without distraction.

Platinum100 radar detector with wireless remote safe and easy driving

You can purchase your Platinum100 with the wireless remote control or without.  You also have the option of buying the Expert Controller and having it custom-installed into your vehicle.  The Expert Controller is hardwired, backlit, and available in a horizontal or vertical application, so it looks like it came from the factory in every vehicle.

K40 wireless or hardwired and back lit control options

Want Even More Protection?

Another “first” for K40 is the ability to add integrated Laser Defusers to your vehicle.  With this innovation, you have real protection from laser speeding tickets and the convenience of having the alerts appear on your Platinum100 display.  You will also have the ability to customize your Laser Defuser settings via the Platinum100 controls as well as the ability to stop the jamming transmission at any time with a simple push of the mute button during a police laser encounter.


But Wait…There’s More!

The Platinum100 is feature-rich and future proof. K40 appreciates that purchasing a radar detector is an investment that should protect and serve you for years to come, so we made the Platinum100 updateable via a mini-USB port. You can now upload firmware updates when necessary to keep you protected from law enforcement technologies now and in the future.



K40 also includes two power cords with every portable radar detector.  A coiled cord and a straight cord for hardwiring the Platinum100 into your vehicle, eliminating the power cord hanging from your windshield to your dash.

Platinum100 comes with straight cord, curly cord and suction cup mount



Take it a step further by mounting your radar detector with a Blendmount™ K40 specific rearview mirror mount.  Blendmount keeps your radar detector in the optimal position for signal reception and keeps it discreet.

You can also add an Integration Cable which will allow you to two additional features:

  • Mute-In – Have an independent, convenient mute button installed at a location of your choice for fast access to the mute function during your drive.
  • Mute-Out –  Used to mute your radio during a police alert encounter. An excellent feature for audio enthusiasts and convertible drivers.





For the first time, K40 added a headphone jack for drivers that want audible alerts via headphones instead of through the Platinum100 speaker. Perfect for times when you want to keep the cabin of your vehicle quiet on long trips when passengers might be sleeping, and for motorcycle riders who have previously struggled to hear radar and laser alerts.


In speeding ticket protection, there is no “one-size-fits-all.”

K40 offers you a-la-carte options so that you can build the protection system that best suits you, your vehicle, and your budget.  Whether it’s a custom-installed Platinum200 or Platinum360 or a Platinum100 with add-ons, K40 is committed to providing the very best ticket-free protection to every driver.

If you would like to know more about the newest technology in K40’s Platinum Series radar detectors, call K40 anytime at 800-323-5608.











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