Falsing is Frustrating…Filtering is Freedom!

July 2, 2020

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Graphic of cars on interstate with K40 filtering out K band emitted from vehicle safety features

K40’s K-Band filter was engineered into all of our radar detectors in 2015.  With this filter, K40 products are able to filter out most of the vehicles on the road that are emittK40 products filters out vehicles emitting K-Band through safety featuresing K-Band through safety features such as; Blind-Side Assist, Collision Avoidance, Lane Departure Warning, etc. These features are found on most cars today and cause an onslaught of false alerts to drivers who are using any products without some form of K-Band filter. K-Band is the #1 source of non-police radar signals.

New Radar Band Selectivity

K40’s K-Band Selectivity gives you even more control over the radar alerts that you receive. The new Platinum Series offers you the option to select the exact range of K-Band frequencies that you want to be alerted to. K-Band Selectivity gives you more filtration and less non-police radar alerts without affecting the system’s ability to alert to real police threats. You can now choose the frequency range you want to be alerted to with selectivity setting options K-Wide, K-Narrow, or K-Extended:

  • K-Wide -The K-Wide setting scans the primary range of K-Band frequencies that are used by the police. In this setting, you can be confident that you’re being alerted to all possible K-Band threats.
  • K-Narrow -The K-Narrow setting eliminates the highest and lowest frequencies on the K-Band spectrum. The frequencies eliminated by this setting help to reduce non-police radar alerts. K-Narrow makes your driving experience quieter while still alerting to police radar signals.
  • K-Extended -The K-Extended setting allows the Platinum Series radar systems to detect frequencies that are lower than the range of frequencies in the “K-Wide” setting. This setting was engineered so that K40 systems are ready to defend against any future expansion of police radar frequencies and select speed cameras.

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With these additional three settings, you have more filtration flexibility than ever before.

If you’d like to know more about all the new features offered by K40’s Platinum Series radar systems, call 800-323-5608 to talk to a K40 Consultant. Watch your email for more information about the new Platinum Series, coming to you soon!

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