K40 Platinum Series – Auto Filter

June 19, 2020

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Black, blue, and orange speedometer with needle pinned at 150 mph

Auto Filter Setting on the New K40 Platinum Series

The “Auto” filter setting is the perfect option if you love a “set it and forget it”  ticket-free driving experience.

The “Auto” filter setting optimizes sensitivity according to driving speeds: lower range and sensitivity in the city where there are more radar alerts from non-police radar signals, and maximum range and sensitivity on the highway when you are traveling at higher speeds and require the maximum advance warning.

  • 0-45 mph – “Filter” setting sensitivity – X-Band off / K and Ka-Band reduced
  • 46-55 mph – “City” setting sensitivity – Decreased sensitivity on all bands
  • 56+ mph – “Highway” setting sensitivity – Maximum range and sensitivity on all bands

If you’d like to know more about the new Platinum Series radar systems, call 800-323-5608 to talk to a K40 Consultant.

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