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August 27, 2021

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2021 Ferrari 488 Pista Spyder featuring a custom installation of a K40 radar & laser system

David Gold, owner of rolling tones in Concord, NC, recently installed a K40 Platinum360 front and rear radar detection system and Laser Defusers on a 2021 Ferrari 488 Pista Spyder.

2021 Ferrari 488 Pista Spyder featuring a custom installation of a K40 radar & laser system.


David Gold started his business in 1982.  His passion for vehicles and electronics made this a perfect career path for him.  “This business is a natural outgrowth of my love of automobiles and electronics. I never feel as if I am working.” His mission statement is one word, “Perfection,” and his business motto is “Not just high tech, but high touch.”

Although rolling tones has a state-of-the-art shop in Concord, NC, most of his mobile electronics business is a concierge service.  He routinely travels to his customers’ homes or offices to perform these intricate radar installations.

Radar Detector Installation On A Ferrari

This customer came to David as most do, through a referral from a previous client.  David’s reputation for working on high-end and exotic vehicles is well known in his area and throughout the 12V industry.

This 10-hour installation started with a complete vehicle inspection with the customer, noting any vehicle damage and discussing component placement.  Some other special touches that David gives all his customers include:

  • Protective seat coverings to keep the interior clean while the install is taking place
  • Wearing a Tyvek coverall so that nothing on his clothing or in his pockets can mar the interior
  • Soldering and heat shrink wrapping all electrical connections
  • Tesa tape surrounding all wiring bundles to look like they came from the factory
  • A traceability label is placed on the door jam for any future technicians that may work on the vehicle so that they are aware that a K40 radar system is installed and who they can contact with questions
  • Complete vacuuming of the vehicle and wiping down all surfaces so that the car is showroom clean
  • Two bottles of custom labeled water in the cup holders

“Although not as challenging as a Pagani,” David said, “this Ferrari presented some unique installation difficulties.” Without carpeting or sound treatment, running cables throughout the vehicle and keeping them hidden took extra time and finesse.

Radar receivers cannot receive a signal if mounted behind metal or carbon fiber, and this vehicle has carbon fiber bumper covers. A solution had to be engineered so that the carbon fiber did not block the front and rear radar receivers.  By partially removing the underbody panel, David was able to find an ideal spot for both receivers.

K40 Platinum360 Hidden Radar Receiver, 2021 Ferrari K40 Dual Laser Jammers, 2021 Ferrari

David’s favorite part of any installation is bringing the customer out to the vehicle when the job is complete.  They once again do a thorough vehicle inspection, and then he waits for the customers’ reaction.  This customer said, “Wow! You can’t see anything. This looks just like it did when I picked it up from the dealer.”

The stealth of the K40 Electronics radar and laser systems is crucial to David and his customers.  These high-value vehicles maintain all their resale value by having the system completely hidden.  The only visible component of the system is the two blue alert LED’s in the instrument cluster.  These, along with a hidden speaker, let the driver know the direction of the police threat and the police officer’s proximity to their vehicle.

K40 Platinum360, 2021 Ferrari Interior K40 Platinum360, 2021 Ferrari Driving Cluster

David considers K40 Electronics radar and laser systems to be an investment for his clients.  It saves them money by avoiding speeding tickets, insurance increases, and court costs.  But the stealth design of the system and his installation techniques mean that his customers only know the system is there when they need it, and they appreciate that the system can be removed and moved to their next vehicle if they choose.

No matter what vehicle or radar system configuration a customer chooses, they get the same high-tech, high-touch service from rolling tones. K40 Electronics is proud to call him a partner.

If you’re interested in a personal consultation and dealer referral for your vehicle, call us anytime at 800-323-5608.

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