Speeding Ticket Facts

July 21, 2021

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Having a radar detector and laser jammer is one way of avoiding a speeding ticket. Knowing the facts about speeding tickets can help too.

Staggering Speeding Ticket Numbers

The latest statistics on speeding tickets in the US

  • FORTY-ONE MILLION drivers will receive a speeding ticket each year.
  • ONE HUNDRED TWELVE THOUSAND speeding tickets are issued each day.
  • Over SIX BILLION dollars in revenue to towns, cities, and states are generated annually by speeding tickets.
  • Speeding ticket revenue per US police officer is THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars every year.
  • There are approximately ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE MILLION drivers on the road. That means that over 20% of them will receive a ticket each year. That is ONE in FIVE drivers!

Did You Know These Driving Fast Facts?

Driving facts and speeding ticket statistics.

  • Men receive speeding tickets 50% more than women.
  • Morning commute and 1:00-3:00 pm are the most ticketed times of the day.
  • The most common speeding ticket is for driving 12 mph over the speed limit.
  • The average speeding ticket cost is $152.00.
  • Insurance premiums after one speeding ticket will increase an average of 18%. The second speeding ticket will increase your premiums by 34%.
  • Only 5% of drivers will contest their speeding tickets in court.
  • Women are more likely than men to contest their speeding tickets.

Common Speeding Ticket Excuses

Common excuses for speeding.

52% of licensed drivers on the road admit to speeding 5-10 mph over the speed limit. The most common reasons they drove faster were to keep up with the flow of traffic, they were running late, they believe that the speed limit is too low, and they were distracted and not paying attention to their speed.

Feeling like you are distracted while driving is the best reason to drive with a radar detector. When it alerts, it brings your eyes and attention back to the road and your speed.

Which Vehicles Get More Speeding Tickets?

Which Vehicles Get More Speeding Tickets

Certainly, the vehicle you drive can also have an impact on your likelihood of receiving a speeding ticket. Overall, sports cars and sedans receive the most speeding tickets. However, if you own one of the below vehicles, your odds of receiving a speeding ticket are dramatically increased.

According to Insurify, these are the top five cars with the most speeding tickets:
1. Alfa Romeo Giulia
2. Subaru WRX
3. Volkswagen GTI
4. Maserati GranTurismo
5. Dodge Ram 1500

What Are The Top Places To Get A Speeding Ticket?

Driving in Ohio has the largest chance of you receiving a speeding ticket.

Where you drive can determine how likely you are to receive a speeding ticket and how much it will cost you.

The top five states for speeding tickets issued
1. Ohio
2. Pennsylvania
3. New York
4. California
5. Texas

Beaufort, SC is the top city to get a speeding ticket in the United States.

The top 10 Cities in the US for issuing speeding tickets
1. Beaufort, SC
2. Portsmouth, VA
3. Des Moines, IA
4. Canton, OH
5. Loveland, CO
6. Spokane, WA
7. Hinesville, GA
8. Orem, UT
9. Nampa, IN
10. Madison, WI

Plus Texas has the highest posted speed limits on some highways at 85 mph. And some interstates in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho have speed limits of 80 mph. However, Virginia has some of the highest fines in the United States. Depending on your speed, you could be fined up to $3,000.00! But, Tennessee is more forgiving with the average speeding ticket issued at $50.00.

You can avoid becoming a speeding ticket statistic by having the facts and the proper protection.

K40 offers custom speeding ticket protection explicitly matched to you, your vehicle, and where you drive. Call us for a personal consultation at 1.800.323.5608.

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