Police Radar Detector System Garagegeektips Review

April 16, 2021

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K40 Platinum360 remote installed next to gear shift in BMW SUV

K40 Platinum360 Police Radar Detector System Garagegeektips.com Review

Karl K., a writer from garagegeektips.com, recently posted a review of the K40 Platinum360 radar detection system.  You can read the highlights below or the entire review here.

Why Should You Drive With a Police Radar Detector?

“In today’s hustle and bustle world, it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of changing speed limits, red light and speed cameras, or hazardous road conditions that may lie ahead, just down the road. Having a dependable radar detector that will provide early warnings can be of great assistance. And when it comes to a dependable radar detector, it’s hard to beat the K40 Platinum360 Front and Rear Radar Detection System.”

Aren’t All Police Radar Detectors the Same?

This is not your typical stick-it-to-the-windshield radar detector. K40 recommends that you have this detector professionally installed due to the wiring needed to connect all of the system’s various components. There are two radar detectors, one mounted on the front of your vehicle, the other on the rear. There is a nerve center, or brains of the system, that mounts behind the dash or some other area that can’t be seen, and everything is wired to it. There is a separate speaker that will sound the alerts, a GPS antenna, and two laser defusers (optional), which need to be mounted on the front of the car.”

K40 Laser Defusers

K40 Exclusive Radar Detector Remote Control Feature

“K40 is the only brand of radar detectors that comes with a remote control. Using the wireless remote, you can control all of the detector’s functions, from turning the detector on and off, adjusting the volume of alerts, dimming or brightening the LEDs, and more. Or there is a wired control unit that can be flush-mounted and will appear to be a factory-installed option.”

K40 optional Expert hardwired control

The review also highlights more of the Platinum360 features:

  • Multiple sensitivity settings – giving you the quietest ride with more confidence in the alerts you receive.
  • Better filtering – eliminating false alerts from vehicles with Lane Departure Warning, Collision Avoidance, etc.
  • Remarkable GPS capabilities – allowing you to mark essential locations along your route like:
    • Mark To Mute – to silence a known false alert.
    • Mark To Alert – receive warnings and alerts for locations of your choice, like a school zone or an expected speed trap location.
    • Quiet Ride – silence your radar detector until you exceed the speed of your choosing.

Final Word From the K40 Platinum360 Review

“Instead of trying to talk your way out of a speeding ticket when you get pulled over, you can avoid the situation entirely by owning and using a proven radar detector like the K40 Platinum 360. If you are going to invest in a radar detector, you want one with the latest technology, great range and sensitivity, and a ticket-free guarantee.”

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