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Benefit vs Cost Risk: A Radar Detector or A Ticket?

A story about a planned crackdown on speeders in Ft. Meyers, Florida got several of us analytical types here discussing how we could offer an example that could help concerned drivers make an educated purchase decision.

We agreed the best solution was to show the hard facts on how the investment in and benefit of a K40 protection system are easily justified compared to the cost risk of a speeding ticket.

We pored over data compiled as of March 2016 to determine the average issued ticket cost (which btw is $200 and does NOT include attorney’s fees or time off from work if needed) as well as the average installation cost of a K40 RL360i radar detection and Laser Defuser g5 laser jammer system.

The result?

You need only be alerted 10 times to a police radar or laser threat and the K40 system will have paid for itself.

It’s fair to say that in a actively enforced area like how Ft. Meyers will soon become, a driver with a round-trip daily commute in such an area could literally have the K40 system “paid for” in terms of ticket cost savings in just one week.

Our systems are like an insurance policy of sorts. You may not need it every day, but when you do, it sure does protect against costly loss.

If you find yourself at the intersection of Benefit Blvd. vs Cost Court…we hope our map guides you in the right direction.




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