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K40 Laser Defuser g5 Review – Lab style and road tests. Results: As Advertised!

January 2014 Review.  A little history before getting to the fun stuff.

Another generation of the well known Laser Defuser brand has made it to the market.  Since 1996, K40 has been developing infrared speed detection inhibiting ‘plate frames.’  The jamming techniques have changed over the years (Brute/white noise to pulse match), but the customer service has always stayed the same.  Top-Notch.  The speeding ticket guarantee has been around since ’96 and remains the same today for 2014.  If you get a laser speeding ticket using their product, K40 will pay for your ticket.  Blinder USA used to have this same guarantee but they have since dropped it from the website.  K40 stands alone with the only ticket guarantee.  The original Laser Defuser used a brute force method that was limited to the hardware specs of the LED’s back in that tech era.  Unfortunately, the older models no longer work against today’s modern LIDAR guns like the DragonEye Compact, however, K40 has continuously kept up with the times by releasing new hardware and firmware to keep up with new threats.  LED technology has changed greatly over the years, one being that LED’s are now made to 905nm specification. Back in the first models, LED’s were fired in the 870nm range to bleed into the 904/905nm range.  Spectral emission is thus more accurate and powerful today.

Hardware – Now let’s take a look at the new K40 Laser Defuser g5.   This new model has a pentamerous multi-angle fish-eye photo cluster lens.  The new cluster will give each transponder an 18″ detection radius.  This means that you should mount the transponders within eighteen inches of the most reflective parts of your car (license plate and headlights.)  Once LIDAR is detected from the police officer, the custom decagonal LED array fires as long as the infrared beam pulse train is detected.

WOW, Factor – Firmware of the K40  Laser Defuser g5 has been updated a couple of times.  Engineers were made aware of the Truspeed S pulse rate and quickly came out with a firmware update in less than 1 month after obtaining the gun.  This is absolutely incredible since Escort Inc. never came out with a Truspeed S jam algorithm for their comparable Laser Shifter ZR4 model.  What’s absolutely stunning about this model is it’s currently the only laser jammer to date to detect ALL of the USA IACP approved LIDAR guns.  The Laser Interceptor does not detect the DragonEye Compact ECCM mode and the ZR4 does not detect the Truspeed S or give any type of effective counter IR pulse to combat the gun.  This is why the Laser Defuser g5 quickly jumped up to being a top-tier performing jammer and is recommended by LaserJammerTests.com.  *It’s important to note that the DragonEye Compact used in ECCM mode (anti-jam) is unjammable by any laser jammer on the market.  You can watch all the test videos down the page.

Mounting setup for actual road tests –  I already knew that the detection radius was 1.5 feet, so it would have been completely unfair for me to use only one transponder.  The white Mazda Miata used in this test was a tough test because the transponders could only be mounted on the license plate.  The lower scoop to the sides of the plate was less than ideal because the transponders would be firing toward the ground.  The transponders were facing downward toward the street by about 7 degrees.  All laser jammers should be mounted within 5 degrees.  I allowed this slight handicap because I heard from some people that the wide beam divergence of the LED’s wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it would be with laser diode based jammers.  They were correct!  Even with the less than ideal mounting position and a handicap of 7 degrees, the K40 Laser Defuser g5 performed well!  I will retest the unit when the weather warms up.

LTI Truspeed S Test Runs – This LIDAR gun uses variable pulse rate technology centered around 4,000 PPS.  The pulse train does show a repeatable pulse pattern, unlike the DragonEye Compact ECCM mode that is seemingly random in nature.

Run #1.  Jam to Gun

Run #2.  Jam to Gun

Run #3.  Jam to Gun

Run #4.  Jam to Gun

Run #5.  107.5 Feet

Run #6.  246.7 feet

Run #7.  110.6 feet – In the video I said a lower number, but after reviewing the footage I saw the gun locked at 110.6′ first.

Kustom Signals Prolite Plus – This laser gun fires at a fixed pulse rate of 200 PPS.

Test Run #1 – Jam to Gun

Test Run #2 – Jam to gun

Test Run #3 – Jam to gun

Test Run #4 – 190 feet

Test Run #5 – Jam to gun

Test Run #6 – 194.8 feet

The video below is a lab-style test done with an infrared filter to demonstrate the detection ability of the Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter against the K40 Laser Defuser g5.   This is the most interesting video I made for these rounds of tests.  This video proves that some untrustworthy forum members were making fake videos of the Truspeed S being jammed by the ZR4. This is simply not possible with my findings.

As advertised!  LaserJammerTests.com approves the performance of the K40 G5 Laser Defuser and recognizes the unit sets a new standard in random VPR detection abilities.  This unit is considered a top tier performer in the industry.

LaserJammerTests does NOT sell this product.  The only way to buy a Laser Defuser g5 is through the K40 Approved Dealer Network.

Thanks for watching!

– Chris

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