Zero to 60 Times: K40 RL 100 Review

November 25, 2015

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Even though the best method of avoiding speeding tickets is to simply not speed, for most car guys this is not an option.

“Lead footers” (or speeders) range from the “chronically late” and “always in a rush” crowd, to those like me who love driving as fast as possible. Whatever the reason (even if it’s accidental), every motorist speeds and is at risk for a ticket. Unfortunately, I’m no exception to the rule.

When I bought a Corvette a few years ago, I strongly considered purchasing a radar/laser detector. I looked at all the top brands but figured that $400 was too steep for something I’d probably never use. I was wrong! After a couple of years of driving my Vette, I had collected over half a dozen speeding tickets (I know! I’m embarrassed too. Don’t tell my mom, okay?) I used to think I had a talent for visually identifying police cars from a distance. However, I was now getting tickets from undercover cop cars, and cops who were almost supernaturally crafty at concealing themselves. They were hiding out on freeway onramps with their radar guns ready to trap oncoming speedsters. Had I purchased the right radar detector when I first bought my Corvette, I would have saved over a thousand dollars in speeding tickets and higher insurance premium costs.

I recently decided that I was past due for buying a radar detector. I had seen their usefulness while riding with friends, but like a dummy, I never took action to protect myself from speed traps. When I started looking again for radar detector products, I had a few features in mind that I was looking for: accuracy, reliability, band range, cost, and customer support. After a lot of careful consideration, I narrowed my search to a couple of brands. I ultimately decided to go with the K40 Electronics detector because of their “Ticket Free Guarantee.” This means they will pay for my ticket if I’m ever caught speeding using their product. This gives me a lot of peace of mind, especially when I remember the grand or so I’ve lost in recent years to speeding (again…please don’t tell my mom, or my wife. This is between you and me).

I was originally going to choose the K40 RL360i, but since I’m planning on switching vehicles in a few months, I went with their portable K40 RL 100 radar detector instead. It doesn’t require professional installation and can easily be swapped from car to car. In 2 minutes I had the RL 100 out of its box and running. As you can see, the system is super easy to set up!

I was also impressed with the K40’s customer support. After turning off my vehicle, I noticed the K40 unit was still running. I called customer support to see if that was going to run down my battery. I put my phone down because I expected to be put on hold, but was surprised when I was immediately connected with a customer support representative. He quickly informed me that the K40 unit only pulls milliamps, and it shouldn’t wear down the battery (unless I don’t start my car for over a week). Customer service also said that my Ford may shut off the electricity after 5-10 minutes. He spent another 10 minutes giving me tips, such as where to mount the device (he suggested using the straight wire, and mounting at the bottom left so the pillar blocks it from view better). Customer support also explained in detail other helpful product features. I really appreciated their thorough, friendly assistance.

After only a few weeks, my K40 RL100 radar detector has become a valuable part of my driving experience. I think of K40 Electronics as sort of a “secondary car insurance policy” that protects me from some potentially costly situations. If you’re a “lead footer” like me, then I’d definitely recommend the RL 100. It set me back around $375, but it’s better than paying a grand in speeding tickets. Also, check out their more integrated stealthy models that offer even better laser gun detection. Post a comment below and let us know what you think about K40 Electronics or other radar detectors!

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