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How To: Optimum Winter Laser Jammer Performance

When Old Man Winter is predicted to coat the streets with speed reducing snow, drivers have a variety of tasks they can perform to ensure safe driving. Checking tire pressure, making sure the washer solution and gas are filled up, and that the snow brush is still in the car are all good ideas.

Eventually, the streets will be cleared and the ability to travel at higher speeds will return. If you own a laser jammer like our Laser Defuser line, there’s a often overlooked post winter storm task that will ensure you’re protected from police laser tickets should you exceed the posted limit.

With snow, ice, and the white film from road salt blocking/coating your laser transponders, K40 snow covered laser jammerthey might not “see” the incoming threat and/or their jamming beam could be reduced significantly.

To ensure optimum winter laser jammer performance, we suggest you carry a rag and glass cleaner or even more convenient, some “wet wipe” type moist towels in your vehicle. Before setting off for any destination, simply give the transponders a quick wipe to clear any residue or build up on the receive and send lens. While you’re at it, make sure to clean your headlights and taillights so there’s more light output so you can see better…and other drivers can see you better.


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