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Study Proves Police Speed Enforcement Is Dangerous

In a bombshell article by Road & Track, researchers from the University of Western Australia concluded that police issuing tickets for even the smallest speeding infractions distracts drivers from other critical aspects of driving.

This finding is something we’ve long proposed and as such, have felt for over three decades that our products can be considered driving awareness/driving safety accessories. With features like Speed Monitor, you can let a K40 radar detector focus on your speed while you focus on the traffic in front, next to, and behind you…as well as road conditions.

Distracted driving is a serious – and growing – issue and it’s no wonder this past year saw the biggest spike in vehicular deaths in the past 50 years. With numerous reports of a growing reliance on speeding ticket revenue by cities and towns to balance budgets, it’s only a matter of time before someone sues a town for issuing a speeding ticket because that safety compromised action could be deemed reckless endangerment.

If speed enforcement was always about safety, why would this state patrol convoy behave as they did? Clearly, they don’t believe it’s about safety.


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