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Knowledgefest 2014 – A Time To Learn And Grow

K40 Knowledgefest 2014

The K40 Team with 2014 Vendor Rep Of The Year, JJ Langguth, center.

We all strive to be the best we can be. No matter what the focus may be, we want to be recognized and seen for our accomplishments. The same holds true in the world of mobile electronics. Each year, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (recently renamed “Mobile Electronics”) assembles members of the 12-volt community – from manufacturers to shop owners and installers – for the KnowledgeFest exhibition. Trainings and workshops are held throughout the days of KnowledgeFest, and the exhibition culminates with the Mobile Electronics Industry Awards. Trophies are awarded for categories such as the Installer of the Year, Retailer of the Year, Vendor Rep of the Year, Expeditor of the Year, and more.

Installers and retailers vie to be in the Top 12, and hold out hope to be crowned the Top Installer or Top Retailer of the year. A few vendors do the same. We’re proud to announce that K40’s own Regional Sales Manager, JJ Langguth, was chosen as the 2014 Vendor Rep of the Year, and it couldn’t have happened without the tremendous support of our amazing partners in the industry. How exactly did JJ get chosen? We’re glad you asked.

JJ’s booming voice can be heard throughout the K40 office each day, helping clients with everything from placing an order to informing them on how to remove the bumper from a Porsche Macan. JJ has been at K40 Electronics for the past 16 years, working with dealers across the country and forging lasting friendships in the industry. He’s gotten to where he is today by listening to and understanding the partners with whom he works. Listen, understand, and get it done. JJ has followed this formula, and his hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Gathering the 12-volt community together provides unique opportunities for all to grow and learn from one another, and that’s exactly what happened during KnowledgeFest 2014. Those attending KnowledgeFest are actively learning and increasing their talents, from stellar customer service techniques to the latest and greatest fabrication and installation methods. The end result for the customer? A high-quality finished product from an installer who’s on top of his game. Now that 2014’s KnowledgeFest has come to an end, the attending members are back in their shops putting their newfound know-how to good use. Check out our Dealer Locator or call in and speak to one of our K40 Consultants to find one of these skilled authorized dealers near you.

The K40 team met up with old friends, made some new ones, and left the show with a fresh understanding of what our partners need to continue their success. We can’t wait until you visit one of their shops to see their expertise firsthand (especially if it’s while getting a K40 system installed)!


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