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UV Coated, Heated Windshields, and Portable Radar Detectors: What To Know

To increase passenger comfort, many vehicle manufacturers utilize UV coated windshields to reduce heat buildup in the vehicle cabin. UV coated / solar glass windshield can affect portable radar detector performanceOften referred to as Low-E glass, infrared-reflective, solar glass, or athermic windshields, UV coated windshields have an almost transparent layer of metal film in the glass.

For drivers without factory installed UV coated windshields, metallic window tints that reflect UV rays can be applied to the windshield to provide heat relief.

Drivers in cold climates have an obvious need for heated windshields to aid in fast removal of ice, snow, and condensation. First introduced in 1985 by Ford as Quickclear technology, heated windshields can today be found in Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo vehicles.

The downside to UV coated and heated windshields is that they can reduce a portable radar detector’s ability to detect police radar by up to 95%.

Affected Vehicles & How to Verify

The use of UV/Heated windshields is extensive and covers many makes and models from Aston Martin to Volvo. Here is how you can determine if your vehicle has one of these windshields:

1.    While the vehicle is in the sun, put on a pair of polarized sunglasses and look at the windshield. You should see a purplish or mirrored appearance to the windshield if it has UV coating.Portable radar detector performance is affected by wire grid used in heated windshield
2.    While sitting inside the vehicle, look closely at the windshield at an angle. If it has a minuscule wire grid in it that denotes it’s a heated windshield.

Effective Radar Detector Solutions for Vehicles with UV Coated and Heated Windshields

1.    Determine if there is a “cut out” to the right or left of the rear-view mirror. This unobstructed opening enables tollway transponders and more to perform properly. Radar detector positioning locations on UV coated and heated windshieldsThis would be an ideal location to use the suction cup mount included with your portable radar detector for maximum performance.

2.    Eliminate mounting guesswork and potential performance reduction by using a custom installed, built-in radar detector like the K40 RL360di/RL200di. The radar detector receiver(s) is/are hidden behind the bumper(s) for a factory-looking radar detector ownership experience.

Want to learn what other issues can affect radar detector operation and how you can obtain the highest levels of performance with your specific car make and model? Call our K40 Consult experts at 800-323-5608 anytime…even weekends and holidays!


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