K40 Owner Honored

April 2, 2014

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k40 peggy finley day

West Dundee Village President Christopher Nelson proclaimed April 2, 2014, as “Peggy Finley Day,” earlier this week.

Finley has been an active supporter of the community and of the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township, where she is a member of the board.   She has donated over $350,000 to improve the lives of School District 300 students and their families, yet her benevolence has gone beyond solely financial contributions.

During her time in West Dundee, Finley has personally worked to better the lives of students and residents by volunteering to renovate the Boys & Girls Club’s teen center and administrative offices, as well as purchasing a new 15-passenger van for field trip transportation. Finley has always encouraged those at K40 Electronics to volunteer whenever they can, and her giving attitude has noticeably rubbed off on the K40 family. “Our team is proud to be a small business making a difference not only for other small businesses but also for our community,” says Finley. Although she will be moving her personal residence to Colorado this April, her generosity will live on through everyone at K40. The compassionate environment that she has cultivated at K40 Electronics throughout the years will certainly continue.

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