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K40’s Rachel Clark Interviews with Into Tomorrow

The 12 Volt aftermarket industry is comprised of mostly independent retail locations, owned by men and women who have a passion for upgrading and updating vehicles.  From car audio, CarPlay™ add-ons, to back-up cameras, and yes, even custom installed radar detector and laser jammers, these retailers get together a few times a year at the industry’s premier learning and networking event known as KnowledgeFest.

Learn More about K40 with Rachel Clark

In August of 2019, at the KnowledgeFest event in Dallas, TX,  K40’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Rachel Clark, was interviewed by Into Tomorrow. There, she spoke about K40’s custom installed radar detectors and laser Defuser systems.

To learn more about:

Watch this short video to find out about all of this and more.


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