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February 17, 2021

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Close-up view of K40 Platinum100 with remote control

Just like your home, your vehicle deserves an upgrade too!

Laptop and desktop at a work from home office.The world as we knew it has changed drastically on many levels. People are working from home, using Zoom meetings, and minimizing personal contact by not traveling for business or pleasure.

Home improvements have sky-rocketed as individuals spend money on a new home office. People are installing pools, basketball hoops, and trampolines to offer resort amenities at their homes and finally getting to all those “honey-do” items with all the time they’ve saved commuting.

How long are people holding on to their vehicles?

Sedan before a radar detector upgrade.

The average vehicle owner is hanging onto their car longer. The average age of a vehicle on the road today is 11.9 years. Compare that to 9.6 years in 2002.

Instead of buying a new car, owners are adding the things that will make their vehicle feel new and up-to-date, like:

  • Police Radar Detectors
  • Apple Car Play
  • Video Screens
  • Back-Up Cameras
  • Blind Side Assist
  • Remote Starters
  • Paint Protection
  • High Definition Car Audio
  • Dash Cameras
  • Full Touch Screen Head Units

The vehicle upgrade business is BOOMING!

Auto tech installing a custom radar detector.

In this new reality, you might be spending more time together in the vehicle instead of flying to a vacation spot. You might be driving to your destination or choosing local day trips to outdoor attractions.

All of this means that more than ever, you need to protect yourself from costly speeding tickets. As a budgeted source of revenue, police are not issuing fewer tickets! On the contrary, with fewer vehicles on the road, they must step up their efforts to obtain the same revenue. Don’t become a statistic, and make sure that you’re protected from police radar and police laser speeding tickets no matter how old your vehicle is.

Furthermore, choosing the right radar detector that best fits your vehicle and budget is important. K40 offers an a-la-carte approach to speeding ticket protection.

You might want a Platinum100 portable radar detector that you can move from vehicle to vehicle or a Platinum Series custom-installed system that offers you front and rear radar systems. To make your car truly protected, you can add K40 Laser Defusers (police laser jammers) to any vehicle.

Portable radar detector

Learn about the radar detector alerts.

Get Your K40 Radar Detector Questions Answered

Call K40 anytime at 800-323-5608 to get answers to your speeding ticket protection questions and help you decide which system set-up is best for you and your vehicle. K40 partners exclusively with independent installation experts who are qualified to handle all of your vehicle upgrades, and we are happy to make a recommendation in your area.

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