To Jam or Not to Jam?… That is the Question.

July 14, 2020

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Police officer shooting laser gun from inside police car

How Long Should K40 Laser Defusers™ Jam a Police Laser Gun?

The simple answer is that you should be able to make that decision for yourself based on your location and the unique police laser encounter you are experiencing.

K40’s Platinum Series systems now allow you more control over your Laser Defusers. Now you can decide how long your Laser Defusers transmit to the police laser gun and stop the jamming any time of your choosing with a quick press of the Mute button.

Police Laser and K40 Laser Defusers:Police Laser

When a police officer targets their laser gun at your K40 protected vehicle, the Laser Defusers send a pulsed light signal back to the officer’s gun. This signal from the Laser Defusers causes the police laser gun to show an “error” reading instead of showing the vehicle’s speed, buying you time to slow down and avoid a ticket.

K40 Laser Defusers can be custom configured in three ways depending on your preference or geographic location.

  • Constant Transmit (default setting) – For as long as the Laser Defuser is receiving a police laser gun signal, it will continuously transmit back to the gun.
  • Pulse Transmit – Upon receiving a police laser signal, the Laser Defuser will transmit a jamming signal for up to five seconds, then switches to Receive Only mode for 30 seconds.
  • Receive Only – The Laser Defuser will only detect police laser. No jamming signal will be emitted.

When K40 Laser Defusers are integrated into the Platinum Series radar detectors, you have the option to press the Mute button to switch the Laser Defusers to “receive only” mode at any time. This will cause the Defusers to stop transmitting and allow the officer to obtain your vehicle’s speed.

External Mute Button Control Option

External Mute Button Control Option in Platinum Series radar detectors

Since the Mute button is now more important for your driving experience than ever, remember you also have the option to have your K40 retailer install a stand-alone Mute button in an easy-to-reach location in your vehicle. Just one more way that K40 keeps you ticket-free and in control.

If you’d like to know more about the newest technology in K40’s Platinum Series radar detectors, call K40 at 800-323-5608.

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